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Police release mother and daughter accused of fatal stabbing

HeadlinePolice release mother and daughter accused of fatal stabbing

Photo: Farah Bonner and Feleecia Kerr, released from police custody; Dean Halliday, deceased

by Kristen Ku

MAXBORO, Belize District, Thurs. Nov. 9, 2023

Feleecia Kerr, 25, and her mother, Farah Bonner, 42, have been released from police custody without charges after initially being detained in connection with the fatal stabbing of Dean Halliday, which police are now treating as an act of self-defense. Halliday, a 52-year-old mechanic from Belize City, was pronounced dead at the scene after an altercation at Bonner’s Maxboro residence on Saturday, November 4.

Halliday had reportedly attacked Bonner, his ex-common-law wife, with a knife, causing multiple injuries before her daughter, Kerr, intervened.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Hilberto Romero confirmed that after thorough investigations, including video footage which showed Halliday jumping over a fence to enter Bonner’s property, as well as interviews and statements, the Director of Public Prosecutions issued directives for their release.

“An investigation was carried out, the file was sent to the DPP, and after the investigation, a directive came that they both be released, and they were released and not charged,” stated Romero.

The incident reportedly began with a violent domestic dispute on the veranda of Bonner’s home, during which Halliday dragged Bonner inside the house. Kerr, coming to her mother’s defense, is believed by some to have inflicted several stab wounds on Halliday, which resulted in his death—something she denies doing. It has been reported that Kerr herself sustained stab wounds while trying to rescue her mother. Police arrived at a tragic scene, finding Halliday’s body lying in a pool of blood.

The incident, initially framed as a domestic dispute with fatal consequences, is now being classified as a tragic case of self-defense.

Kerr’s and Bonner’s family have since refuted any claims that Kerr was armed or responsible for Halliday’s death, noting that she too was injured during the confrontation.

The police continue to investigate the incident.

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