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PUP dig deeper into Brads boledo contract

“The attempt now to dissolve Good Lee is not a bar for us to pursuing full disclosure as to who the owners are,” said Eamon Courtenay, SC.

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Nov. 3, 2020– According to the People’s United Party, the Prime Minister’s son, Anwar Barrow, is the presumed owner of Good Lee Limited, the offshore company that owns 60% of the exclusive boledo contract that was granted by the GOB.

At a virtual press conference held on Tuesday, November 3, the leader of the PUP, John Briceño, along with Cayo South representative, Julius Espat, and PUP legal adviser, Eamon Courtney, disclosed more shocking information surrounding the award of the boledo contract and the contract’s beneficiaries and called for a full forensic audit.

The PUP has publicly condemned the award of the boledo contract, highlighting a lack of transparency and a breakdown in proper procedure during the process that led to the awarding of the contract. The party maintains that the contract was tabled, but never debated in the National Assembly.

Also, the party said, no supplementary documents surrounding the tendering process or parties involved were disclosed, as is the requirement of the Finance and Audit Reform Act.
But, after doing some digging, the PUP said, they made some notable discoveries.

As previously disclosed, Brad’s Gaming Group is owned by Good Lee Ltd. and businessman Kim Chee, with Good Lee holding 60 percent of the shares and Kim Chee holding 40 percent.

Briceño disclosed that Good Lee Ltd. is an offshore company operating in St. Lucia, whose directors and shareholders are protected under that country’s laws.

So, what’s the link to Anwar Barrow?

Briceño said, “Reliable information shows significant transfers, $800,000 from Good Lee to Quick Stop in 2018. Reliable sources tell us that significant transfers of $417,000 from Good Lee to Creative Content were made in 2019.

“Credible information shows significant transfers of $1,150,000 from Good Lee to Prudential Management in 2020.”  All three of these companies are believed to be owned, or connected to the financial interest of, Anwar Barrow.

Briceño also said that five fixed deposits from Good Lee were held by a bank in Belize in March 2020, each for $1,150,000 — thus amounting to a total of $5,750,000.

Briceño said, “The license issued to Brad’s Gaming is dated the 26th June 2020; however, it states that the exclusive license is deemed to take effect from April 1, 2020.”

The effective commencement of the contact was thus back-dated. “On 31st March 2020, the day before, Good Lee paid $1,050,000 to Prudential Management,” he revealed.

The shrouded nature of the boledo contact and its alleged connection to the Prime Minister’s son have led the PUP to seek legal advice on the possibility of reversing the agreement.

Early last month, the directors of Good Lee Ltd. filed a motion to dissolve the company. Eamon Courtney said that this will not prevent any further investigation from taking place.
“The attempt now to dissolve Good Lee is not a bar for us to pursuing full disclosure as to who the owners are,” he said.

The information unearthed during this investigation will likely reveal whether the young Barrow is in fact the mastermind behind the boledo contract spider web. His father, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, must grapple with issues of breach of fiduciary obligations and statutory duties, since he was the Minister of Finance and held ultimate responsibility for ensuring that a legal boledo agreement was executed, Courtenay said.

Courtenay also said that they would utilize the Caribbean Treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance to delve deeper into the ownership of the offshore company, and the Belize-US Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance to investigate the various monetary transactions facilitated by US financial companies.

For the local part of the investigation, the PUP has already begun to seek out the assistance of independent experts who will determine whether the tender was lawful, how the monies flowed after the contract, who the beneficiaries of the contract are, and whether any wrongdoing was committed in the execution of the contract.

The data gathered by the independent experts will be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who will determine whether or not any criminal charges will be levied, and against whom, the PUP said.

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