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Pyromaniac on the rampage in Punta Gorda

PUNTA GORDA, Toledo District, Thurs. Feb. 7, 2019– Two vehicles were set on fire and another was almost damaged by fire yesterday, February 6, in Punta Gorda. Police believe that the three incidents are connected.

The first report about a vehicle in flames was made by Christon Foster, of a Joe Taylor Creek address. Foster told police that he parked his grey Ford Fusion inside his yard on February 5, and the next morning when he woke up, around 5 a.m., he saw smoke coming out of his vehicle and realized it was on fire.

The fire completely destroyed Foster’s car. He told police that he had no idea who set his car on fire because he did not have disputes with anyone.

The second report was from Patrick Avila, a resident of Jose Maria Nunez Street.  Avila parked his red Ford F-150 pickup truck inside his yard on February 5, only to wake up around 5 a.m. to the sight, of his vehicle partially destroyed by fire. He also has not been able to think of any possible suspects.

Burlington Jones, of Cerro Road, gave a similar report to police. He said he had parked his green Kia Sportage in the yard of Angel Mira, who lives nearby. Mira was awakened yesterday morning by the sound of his dogs barking and when he checked outside, he saw a bicycle tube on fire at the rear wheel of the car.

Mira was able to extinguish the fire before it damaged the vehicle. Jones also said he did not have disputes with anyone.

The vehicles were over a mile away from each other and police are currently looking for the person(s) who committed the acts.

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