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Queen’s Square and Mesop weren’t in on their game

Clear as day to everyone who cared to see, Dean Barrow, and also Michael Finnegan, made a bid to control the UDP from the grave with the placement of Barrow’s sister, everybody’s favorite, if you da noh wahn PUP, in Queen’s Square, and Barrow’s son/Finnegan’s nephew, the rapper Shyne, in Mesopotamia.

Well-laid plans indeed, but the people in those areas were greatly insulted, because both candidates were unlikely. They saw how reluctant Sista B was to run, how unprepared she was to represent them, and saw the wrong message in Shyne’s candidacy for their youth.

Sista B got over, and there are questions being asked in some quarters about the authenticity of the votes, and Hugo Patt gave Shyne land to give out in Sandhill, to help him get over. They got over indeed, but barely.

Comparing the 2015 and 2020 general elections, we see that Faber got 64.7% of the vote in 2015, and 60.39% in 2020, a drop of a little over 4 percentage points. In Albert, Taegar-Panton got 55.86% in 2015, and 50.22% in 2020, a drop of about 5.5 percentage points. You ready fu Queen’s Square and Mesopotamia?

Dean Barrow got 78.39% of the vote in 2015, and his sister got 55.57%, a massive drop of nearly 23 percentage points. And the son/nephew — well Uncle Finnegan got 76.88% of the votes in 2015, and the son/nephew got 53.06%, a huge drop of nearly 24 percentage points. You see, Braa, those divisions spoke, and their loud message was that dehn neva deh wid dat – but the margins those two inherited were just too large to overcome.

If you think the comparison with UDP incumbents who stayed on isn’t completely fair, there were two other divisions in Belize City where UDP incumbents did not contest: Pickstock and Port Loyola.

We can’t use Pickstock, because the incumbent there, Sedi Elrington, cursed the UDP’s 13 years of wimpy performance, and its utter failure to address the needs of the people in the deprived neighborhoods, and he abandoned the division.

In Port Loyola, Willoughby replaced Boots Martinez, and he got 36% of the votes in 2020: 12.5 percentage points less than the 48.6% Boots got in 2015. He did far better than the Barrows did in the handpicked Queen’s Square and Mesopotamia divisions, especially considering he didn’t have access to the Barrow millions. We are not aware of Patt giving him land to give out in Sandhill. All Willoughby got to support his campaign was a job on the board at SSB.

Staying with political calculations, not satisfied with egregiously cementing his administrator with a contract that extended deep into a new Belize City Council, Darrell Bradley was on the talk circuit talking about all the reforms he’d like to introduce if he got the crown. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard Darrell say he’d like to see a term limit on area representatives, and I think that’s absurd.

If I were a politician, one who is sure of one day being a rep because I carried a card for one of the two parties that takes turns at it, I would set a limit on myself, because I don’t care for public life, but I wouldn’t contemplate limiting the chances of all those dozens of politicians who dream of one day winning the great prize, so they could stamp their vision on Belize. Give Dean Barrow a B for introducing the 3-term limit, and I save the A for the PM who introduces a much more sensible 2-term limit. As for Darrell, he gets the first letter in his name for his new ill-conceived reform.

She giggled, Virj

What a powerful, glorious message on Moments of Inspiration on Sunday morning. Boy, what I felt inside me as Reverend Vaughan laid it on; must have been very much like how the Prophet Jeremiah felt when he said, in Jeremiah 20:9, “Then I said, I will not make mention of Him, nor speak any more in His name. But His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.”

Yes, thank you, Ms. Virj and Reverend, and I 100% forgive the reverend, for her little women moment. Hn…Abraham was a hundred years old…there wasn’t anything going on down there…yes, I heard the little giggle before the mention of the condition. What, she says she was just clearing her throat?

Let me tell you girls something. I believe, suspect, it makes you feel superior when we limp up—but I’ll not quarrel with you or try to figure you out. Go on and have your fun.

The official story is that the great writer Ernest Hemingway put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger because of bad diabetes, and the gossip is that he fell into terrible depression because he lost his bone. Well, if that is so, me noh understand, because at 57 he should have been satisfied, he must have made enough of those already. Look, if a man lives long enough, just as sure as the memory will go, down there will get tired of making what, what – and I think a man who wrote so many famous books should have had enough imagination to make a life that didn’t include their satisfaction. We men were made for more than that, I ehm…think.

Ah, we could slip into some deep stuff here, but we don’t want to lose sight of the beautiful message on Moments of Inspiration on Sunday mornings with Ms. Virj and her guest preacher(s). Ladies, you made me feel the fire. Keep bringing it!

We prefer the jab

Wow, as if we needed further proof that nothing on this planet is all bad, look how a terrible disease like Covid-19 came along and inspired vaccines that not only help fight the disease but also —hmm, if we believe people who are afraid of injections and have money in bank accounts so they are under no economic stress, the vaccines are actually better at doing what the homosexuals have been touting as the huge plus for their behavior.

A decade or two ago China put a limit on the number of children a couple can have, and just last week a story came out of India about two children per couple. Hmm, some countries have population issues, and those homosexual bohgaz are so smart, they were way ahead of the game. Their plot was such a big sell in the European world that they were able to beat back Evangelicals who fought with every ounce of their strength to keep them in their closet.

Cheryl Teh, in the magazine, Insider, said there’s a proposal from Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India, home of 240 million, to encourage couples to have no more than two children. Teh said the Times of India reported that families with two kids who “opt for voluntary sterilization would get incentives… a range of benefits including tax rebates, subsidies for home purchases, and receiving cash back on their power and utility bills”, and those who insist on unprotected sex, more than two children, would be barred “from receiving any government subsidies, applying for jobs in the local government, and running for political office in local elections…”

Father Abraham got a message to go forth and multiply, but I don’t think that we over here have license to tell people with population issues that they will go to hell if they no longer see the wisdom in unprotected sex.

Ah, those homosexual bohgaz are so smart, they were way ahead of the game, but now dehn get hambog. There’s a vaccine in town now, and one jab is all we need to stop their advantage in its track. Get ye back into your closet and try and cook up something new. We prefer the jab.

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