General — 12 July 2017
More questions than answers

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Mon. July 10, 2017–On Thursday, police conducted a search on a Mexican man who was found in possession of a BDF uniform.

Police detained him and asked him where he had gotten the uniform. He directed them to a home in Baeza Alley, Orange Walk Town.

What were almost 100 BDF uniforms doing in an Orange Walk home?

On Friday, Orange Walk police visited that home and conducted a search which led to the discovery of almost one hundred uniforms and several pieces of boating equipment.

Two men who lived at the house were later detained.

Today, the Police Press Office informed the media that there was no evidence to suggest that the men stole the uniforms, and so they were released without charge.

Our newspaper today contacted the Commander of the BDF, Brigadier General, David Jones, but he has not responded to our calls.

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