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Ras Ben killed on Father’s day 

HeadlineRas Ben killed on Father’s day 

Benjamin Hyde, 49, a security guard, and father of well-known gang leader, was killed on Father’s Day between King Street and East Canal

By Charles Gladden

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 20, 2022

Benjamin Hyde, Sr., also known as “Ras Ben”, 49, a security guard, was killed on Father’s Day while riding his bicycle near King Street and  East Canal on Sunday, June 19.

According to initial police reports, at about 2:58 Sunday afternoon, Hyde was riding his bicycle on King Street as he headed towards Albert Street when an unknown lone gunman emerged from a nearby yard and fired several shots at him, ending his life.

When police arrived at the scene moments later, they found a bleeding and motionless Hyde slumped over the handlebar of his bicycle.

According to the Communications Director of the Belize Police Department, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, police are considering the high likelihood that Hyde, Sr., was killed due to his son’s gang activity, and they are preparing for expected retaliation.

“We’re not saying that’s the only angle we’re looking at. We are looking at several angles, but definitely, that is the first angle we are examining—knowing that his son is a rival with the other gang that belongs in that area where he was shot. We have to pay that special attention, because this, of course, could become very volatile, and we have prepared ourselves for any type of retaliation they might try to come with, and we’re going hard after both gangs involved in this dispute,” stated ASP Yearwood.

One local reporter at a police press briefing today asked ASP Yearwood whether police presence in the neighborhood where the shooting took place will increase due to the murder of Benjamin Hyde, Sr. just a couple of yards away from the nearest police presence in that area.

“I don’t know how much more we can heighten our security, but we have things in place to try to bring these persons to justice. And if you know the dynamics of that area, it has a lot of little alleyways that you can travel through, so what we would do now is provide our patrols and also in these alleyways. We have several ways we can cover that: by foot, by motorbike, by bicycle, but if you see an increased presence in that area, don’t be alarmed. We’re just trying to keep the law-abiding citizens of Belize safe,” said Yearwood.

“… When a murder occurs, it’s a breakdown of society. And people who commit murder look for the opportune time to commit murder. We could have a thousand drones out there and a thousand officers, but when you want to commit that crime, you have done your studies. And we do not know, because murder is with intent when you intend to strike. That’s why we always encourage our officers to do a lot of stops and searches, because you don’t know who could be carrying a gun,” ASP Yearwood went on to say.

Several persons have been detained for his latest homicide; however, no charges have been levied against any persons due to insufficient evidence.

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