Letters — 05 February 2008 — by Edmond Brackett
Reflectors for all cyclists practicing on our hi/ways is something which should be made mandatory by the Traffic Department. The reason for this is because some cyclists have the tendency to become complacent, riding in two’s and even three’s sometimes in the dark, in addition to wearing dark clothing.
Imagine the danger in which they place themselves as well as putting a driver at risk of being faced with the mandatory charges of causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and attention.
Again, imagine the problems drivers encounter, particularly on the Western Hi/way, and specifically in the wee hours of the morning, from cyclists/riders who choose to not wear reflectors. Mind you, not all riders/cyclists venture on the road without reflectors; the wise ones do use theirs. However, those who choose to act otherwise are seemingly contributing to their own demise.
Cyclists, remember whenever two vehicles are approaching each other from opposite directions, especially in the wee hours of the morning, most of the times the rider will be between the two vehicles; one in front, on the left-hand side and one behind on the right just as the cyclist. Both may automatically dim their lights.
However, if the driver/cyclist is not wearing a reflector, the driver of the vehicle behind him will have some difficulty spotting him until he’s almost on the rider.
This could lead to serious trouble.
I hope this article captures the attention of the Cycling Association, as well as the Traffic Department, and serves as an admonition to cyclists/riders to let them become aware of the serious consequences that could result from being on the road on a bike in the dark without a reflector.
I’m certain you wouldn’t want to become a paraplegic. 
(Signed)            Edmond Brackett

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