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Reform: let’s just do it

FeaturesReform: let’s just do it

RED SPOKESMAN: Yeah, there is suspicion of corruption by Saldivar, but Briceño gave himself and family acres of land.

Oh my God! When are we going to grow up? Don’t they already know that demonization will help them naught to win the election!

Reform! Reform is what the country needs, and I believe what we shall vote for. Bring back all the discredited and exposed concerned Belizeans. Their words will count for naught but laughter and ridicule. Has not time shown us that what they were concerned about was their own personal enrichment?

Actually, what is the truth to tell is easy, but to implement requires the guts to make life-changing cultural commitments in honour of the six pillars of Judeo-Christian wisdom upon which the Belizean Constitution has been constructed.

The honest truth is that we can do well without foreign advice coming through international bodies bribing us to submit to exhausted liberal ideas that will really destroy us.

What we need are proper adjustments to our Belize Constitution to introduce an ELECTED SENATE to remove all the power of checks and balances from the control of the Prime Minister. Really?! Isn’t it stupid to keep on putting the rat to mind the cheese?!

All judges may be nominated for appointment, but the Senate should have the power to reject every single one by its own power.

The Prime Minister may nominate all the members of the Election and Boundaries Commission, but the Elected Senate may reject all.

Appointments of all other governance checks and balances shall follow the same pattern, including the Social Security Board, the Ombudsman, Integrity Commission, Contractor General, Auditor General, Public Service Commission etc.

But the Red and the Blue propagandists speak with fire and zealotry against the sinners on the other side. Isn’t this just plain hypocrisy? Is it not just plain politricks as usual?

Is it not possible, maybe more probable, that the mainstream of our Belize has advanced to the stage where politricks has become exposed to the magnificent glare of God’s truth?! Behind all that fog of deception and downright lies we can see archangels raising signs saying COMMON…saying COMMON GOOD!

At this juncture in our history, independent persons, while grateful for the past contributions of both the RED and the BLUE, are painfully anxious to see us charting a more mature course to avoid sinking into the mire and sludge of a new Paganism leading us directly into Satan’s pit. We have to return to the culture of true rights, real rights that are reliably human — not fake like those inspiring the Equal Opportunity Bill.

I shall not be devastated if both the RED and the BLUE both reject the true vision of what Belize should be. Painting the vision a bit, we see that every Belizean, male and female, proclaims with saving pride: this is my country; this is my government; this is my Prime Minister; this is my Representative. Unfortunately, to say what should be easy would twist my tongue right now. Those words are true for other people, not for me!

We must become a nation where we all, each and every one of us, votes his conscience; where no one will even conceive of buying my vote. This is an issue we must attack with full national consensus.

A carefully re-constituted Elections Commission endorsed by an ELECTED SENATE shall initiate new laws to protect the sanctity of every vote and ensure and guarantee that every voter is duly registered in a real residence. Enlightened attention must be focused on all plantation systems. We simply must not continue to encourage enclaves in our jewel! Every square inch of Belize must be re-counted as Jewel-like.

One at a time. Let us start with an area too congested because the streets were designed for mule and cart. Purchase from the owners and remove them to new areas that will be more progressively planned. We must rise above partisanship, for the whole is far greater than any of its parts!

We must surpass tribalism, for the whole is greater than any of its parts!

We must rise above the worship of any leader, for his tenure is severely limited. His tenure will cease, and even if he leaves with the scent of greatness; it will not last forever!

Leaders will come and make their mark. Even if deeply graven, their messages will become a part of the landscape to be washed by the rising tides and the cleansing actions of storms. Hopefully.

The strokes of the artist’s brush may re-create a whole new flattering portrayal, but politicians’ best ideas hardly endure past two decades. And every great empire crumbles. We want Price; they want Esquivel; we want Musa; they want Barrow. Is it not time for us to clamor: WE WANT BELIZE!

We love BLUE; we love RED. But most of all we cherish the swamps, the Pine Ridge, the Blue Hole, the Sleeping Giant, English Caye and all its tiny fellows. All Belizean beauty!

Most of all, embrace all the whole: Black, White, Brown and Yellow. All of these we call the COMMON GOOD. It is the hour of decision. Embrace the ELECTED SENATE! Its institution will give us a genuine government responsive to real needs, not yielding to foreign enticements to hustle by politicians and public officials. The whole culture of corruption created by the BLUE and the RED must be eliminated, destroyed!

The ELECTED SENATE will apply the brakes in the National Assembly to delay or torpedo any proposed law aimed at accommodating any agenda contrary to our honorable Constitution.

SOCIAL JUSTICE and its various enabling principles are the PUBLIC virtue that regulates the public actions of a country to bless it with peace, harmony, just governance, happiness and peace. No outside agent should seek to arrange the issues of Social Justice. This we must do for ourselves.

Are you tired of the violence?

Are your frightened by it?

Do what promotes the COMMON GOOD and SOCIAL JUSTICE!

I have spoken!

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