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Roaring Creek youth killed in parked car

SourceDayne Guy

ROARING CREEK VILLAGE, Mon. Oct 11, 2021– A 21-year-old Roaring Creek resident, Malcolm Hyde, was ambushed and killed while unwinding in a grey Pontiac car, waiting for his girlfriend, Darcy Wright, to return from buying food inside Miller’s Depot in the Hattieville area of Roaring Creek. The duo had been in Belmopan and had recently driven to the area. A short time after parking outside Miller’s Depot, at around 5:15 pm, Hyde was targeted.

A male person, dressed in a white shirt and blue pants, approached from behind and fired several shots in his direction. On hearing the barrage of bullets, Hyde’s girlfriend exited the establishment to find out what had happened. She went to the car and found that her boyfriend had been shot, whereupon she rushed him to the Western Regional Hospital.

In an interview, Hyde’s girlfriend gave a full recount of the evening. She noted that Hyde was insistent on eating a burger. They had visited another establishment prior to going to Miller’s Depot, but they were out of food. Hyde still wanted a burger, and he urged his girlfriend to take him to Miller’s Depot.

Prior to this outing, Hyde was abstaining from the Roaring Creek Village because he knew he was being targeted. He communicated this to Wright. She said, “He knew because he just got out of jail a couple months back and he told me, ‘Darcy we need to move from here, from around Roaring Creek area because I want to live a longer life, a peaceful life where I don’t have to be hiding.’” His girlfriend had complied with his request and together they moved to another area within the Cayo District. Wright noted he was trying his utmost to reform, and had only returned to Roaring Creek as a means to earn an income – as he reared livestock. The couple was intending to leave Roaring Creek the night Malcolm lost his life.

Wright and Malcolm had visited Miller’s Depot prior to the shooting today. The prior times they visited, they were, however, in a heavily tinted vehicle. The change in vehicle, is what she believes cost Malcolm his life. Wright stated that as she stepped inside the store and held the menu she heard at least five shots and her intuition told her that her boyfriend had been shot.

Wright bolted outside and saw her boyfriend trembling and losing blood at an alarming rate. She noted that no one wanted to assist her, so it was up to her alone to attempt to save his life. She entered the driver’s seat and raced to the Western Regional Hospital – with one hand on the steering wheel and the other pumping his heart. Upon reaching the hospital, she forcibly blew the car horn and assisted the attendant in placing Hyde in a wheelchair.

Police were informed of the shooting incident around 5:30 pm, by which time Hyde had already been transported to the Western Regional Hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, the police found the critically injured Hyde with multiple gunshot wounds to the body.

Medical practitioners at the hospital rushed Hyde to the emergency room for surgery, but his wounds were too severe and he succumbed while undergoing care. Hyde’s body has since been transported to the National Forensic Science and Service Lab morgue, where it awaits a post mortem examination. Police investigating the murder are searching the area, and conducting interviews of persons who they believe might have information that can help them, but as yet have found no substantial leads.

Prior to his demise, Hyde had previous interactions with the law. Six months ago, police had apprehended him, on the accusation of being a member of the Cayo-based Genaside Gang.

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