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Russia’s Nuclear POSEIDON

FeaturesRussia’s Nuclear POSEIDON


The following, our dear readers of this column, I find to be of much interest, for the reason that, as I have mentioned before, the analysis is from an American who expresses what he knows publicly not only to the Americans of the United States but also to the world on the issues that are making so much news and that involve NATO, Russia and the People’s Republic of China. Here is Part 2 of Chris Sanders’ “BIO-BIDEN TIMELINE SINCE 1991 | RUSSIA’S POSEIDON NUCLEAR”, which was published on the American News Network’s YouTube page on May 6, 2022:

So, they will hit all countries from the West Coast, because then the jet stream will continue to move the nuclear radiation over the country. So, Ireland, Great Britain, you’ve gotta watch out about this. They threatened you. Italy, anything with the West Coast. But they’re not going to hit stuff like that at home. I’m more concerned with California’s West Coast and the fact that there’s Russian subs out there. What this is saying is we built up our systems for defeating missiles in the air. But there’s nothing that we’ve developed to take out a radioactive wave. And these waves are like a mile high. And so what are we going to do when this wave of radius?

Now this was a study done with 100 kilotons. Now remember 200 kilotons is what we’re looking at. So all of Manhattan, New York, this whole entire area is gone. And it’s something very scary. He’s threatening it. They’re now on nuclear high alert. In case people want to even see him going on nuclear high alert, it’s pretty interesting. But this is something else that you just don’t see. So I want to show it to you. And that is this. [video shown]…  Now, Israel got into the picture and has been aiding the Azov Battalion. So, we’re going to do another little proxy war, but what that did was it ramped up Iran, and what Putin has done is this. He said, you know, if you want to be semi-religious, okay, I guess you’re on the side of the LGBTQ Americans, but if you believe in the book, and you don’t believe in all that stuff and you’re actually a devout Christian or a Muslim, you’re on the side of Russia. And what he did was he unified the Muslim Empire by doing this. And I want you to know that. So, he basically then put his country on nuclear alert. And this is just the other day. He says, “I’m ordering the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the General Staff to put nuclear strategic forces on special alert.” And so this has happened. They’re on special alert and it’s not funny.

And this is real news and again, they’re not saving people in Azovstal, that’s a phony narrative that you’re hearing. The doomsday plane, okay? This thing has been seen flying around and what this is, is that this is the Soviet Central Air Force Command, and so when this is in the air, they’re on extra high alert. It’s in the air right now And like I said, they talked about hitting all of England the other day. And it’s really scary. So, this is from their kind of minister defense and their propaganda department over there, but literally Boris Johnson has really heated up Putin, and he’s not in the, you may remember that of Brexit, but nevertheless he’s acting pretty stout, and so Putin’s chief propagandist says they’re going to wipe the United Kingdom right off the map and now the United Kingdom says they have, you know, stuff about Azovstal. Well, I’d like to ask you how? How do you have any news on Azovstal? You have nobody there. There’s Chechen soldiers that are there.

Now, this is the guy right here, and this is the actual ad, “A retaliatory strike on Russia”. He says, “In general in Britain, they seem to be rambling, okay? Why do they threaten vast Russia with nuclear weapons?” Now, look at this, “When they’re only a small island. The island is so small that one Sarmat missile is enough to sink it once and for all.” That’s not all. “Everything has already been calculated. A single launch, Boris, and there is no England anymore. One and for all. Why do they play games? Another option is to plunge Britain into the depths of the sea using Russia’s unmanned underwater vehicle ‘Poseidon’. It approaches its target at a speed of 200 kilometers an hour.” That’s 120 miles an hour. “And there’s no way to stop this underwater drone.” They have 30 of them. “It has a warhead with the capacity to, [it says 100, but it’s 200] megatons and the explosion of this thermonuclear is close to the British Coast will cause a gigantic tsunami wave up to 500 meters high. This wave carries extreme doses of radiation. Having passed over Britain, it will turn what is left of them into a radioactive desert, unfit for anything for a long time.”

(To Be Continued)

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May 14, 2022

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