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Ryan Cole, 33, charged for robbery of Freetown Drug Store

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Nov. 5, 2018– Among the robberies that occurred last week was an armed holdup at Freetown Drug Store, a pharmacy that gained popularity for being open late at night and on weekends. Video footage from the pharmacy’s surveillance camera, which was plastered all over social media, showed three robbers entering the store, with at least one of them brandishing a gun.

The incident occurred while the store was still open for business on Thursday, November 1, at around 9 p.m. Three employees were inside the store, and two men, including the security guard, were outside. The surveillance footage showed two of the robbers going inside the store while one stayed outside and pointed the gun at the security guard.

This robber then grabbed the security guard’s shirt and forced him inside the store, along with the other man that was outside.

Another of the robbers, who also had a gun, pointed it at the head pharmacist, Raul Acevedo, as the other armed robber came into the pharmacy with the two men from outside. The robber forced the men to the ground, while his accomplices went to the back of the store and stole money from the cashier.

One of the armed robbers also hit Acevedo in the face with the gun even after they had already stolen the cash.  Also, the wallets of some of the male customers were stolen, and a customer was also hit.

The robbers reportedly got away with about $4,000.

Today at the police press brief, ASP Alejandro Cowo said that one man, Ryan Cole, 33, a resident of Tibruce Street, has been charged for robbery. Police also have one other suspect in custody, whom they are questioning.
Unfortunately, none of the money or items stolen have been recovered.

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