Crime — 29 January 2013 — by Miriam Longsworth

Police say he was stabbed 22 times

San Pedro police responded to a call at 3:39 a.m. on Saturday, January 26, and upon arrival at Daddy Rock Night Club, they saw the night club security guards and other persons trying to get 25-year-old Byron Estrada into a truck.

Officer Commanding, Supt. Luis Castellanos, said that Estrada was stabbed about 22 times. Estrada sustained multiple stab wounds to his neck, chest, back and right hand, and later succumbed to his injuries while being attended to at the San Pedro Polyclinic.

According to witnesses, Estrada, who is a Belizean boat captain of the San Pedrito area in San Pedro, was seen going to the restroom inside the club.

A man described as being dark-skinned, with braided hair and wearing a green shirt, followed Estrada into the restroom. Estrada later came stumbling out of the restroom towards the bar. Persons inside the club decided to turn on the lights when they realized that Estrada was bleeding.

Castellanos said one suspect has been detained in connection with the murder, who fitted the description given by witnesses of the man who followed Estrada into the restroom.

Castellanos said that police conducted a search of the man’s home and found his green shirt and tennis shoe with stains on them resembling blood. The clothing was sent to forensics to be tested as to whether it was blood and if it matches Estrada’s DNA.

Castellanos said that investigations are ongoing but police are awaiting the results from forensics and further instructions from the DPP.

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