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Getting the sense

When I was a young man, een a mi prime, a time when there were moments when I thought that every gyal that I like mi like me, one Saturday evening I got on a bus to Dangriga and I sat down beside an extremely delightful-looking young lady and started to make conversation. I wasn’t drunk, I’d only had a couple or three beers, the last of which I had guzzled, glug, glug, glug, because the bus was about to leave and no respectable guy walks away from a half-full bottle of good suds.

Whoa, the conversation was barely underway when I burped. I thought nothing of it, but she did not feel the same way. The girl recoiled, squeezed herself up against the window beside her as far as she could, away from me. Drunk or sober, I know when I get rebuff, so I made a quick apology and relocated to another seat a distance away.

I had to tell that story again, after the unfortunate incident on the boat last weekend. It doesn’t matter if the girl had an alcoholic dad and her only interest was in a teetotaler, or she was absolutely faithful to her boyfriend and was just looking for an excuse to chase me, or she just didn’t like me because she didn’t like me, or she was allergic to the smell of burped beer, the fact is that she didn’t want my company, end of story in my books.

I am well aware that there are guys that would have persevered. They are who they are, but whoever you are, you must be careful not to cross the line and enter into the obnoxious, especially with a lady. I said, there are guys who are so narcissistic they don’t allow for anyone to tell them that they aren’t wanted around.

I get the sense that guys who are gay don’t treasure women the way most regular guys do, yes. In all this gay movement business a lot has not been said, a lot that could help us to bridge areas where we are at crossed wires. I don’t think gay guys see a lot of things in this world the same way we do.

You have to look through slightly different eyes on the guy who was apparently obnoxiously drunk and then ended up obnoxiously out of place. No, there isn’t much justification for his behavior onboard boat, confronting and fighting with ladies, but it must be so difficult to be so in the minority. Personally, I don’t believe that women who like women come close to carrying the cross that gay men in this world bear.

From all I have gathered, the gentleman was disrespectful to the ladies, and then he got into an exchange that was very disappointing. There are reports that some people slurred him, and that is wrong, and there was a video at the scene which showed he was put in a chokehold, and I don’t know why the officer did that.

The best I’ve heard for the gentleman was in a Facebook post that said that he was ordinarily a very nice, well-mannered person, and that he must have had too much to drink. I sense that the women who were assaulted might not want to press charges against him. It is their call, but it would be good if they were so kind, so forgiving because the gentleman’s punishment is great already. But no one will blame them if they call for more discipline for him.

If atheists knew they were going to hell…

… they would lap dehn tail between their legs and beg pardon for showing off. You bet that’s what it is, showing off. We were all brought up to fear God, and the pastors really laid it on with heat hotter than an oven; however, many pastors now say that hellfire is really about separation from God. Yap, it must make those bohgaz feel really big when they say they don’t fear God.

It is just amazing how these people studied, and then recorded the DNA of human beings. We must give credit where it is due; these scientists have done marvelously, building on the discoveries of scientists of the age before. They say that science has no limits, that anything the human mind can conceive it can achieve. That comes with a serious qualification. It must be within the physical laws that govern the earth. There are some things these scientists say that are overreach, manufactures from a swell head. The biggest of that is that they know how the world began, and that there is no superior being at work here. You know what that means: if there is no superior being, then they are it, the most brilliant beings anywhere in the cosmos.

Michele Steele, an ex-Christian turned atheist, said (on www.quora.com), that people who are likely to be atheist are “those with higher levels of education, those with higher levels of intelligence, people who are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology), people whose families or countries are irreligious and were accordingly raised without religion, and people who are more logical than emotional or think analytically.”

There is no doubt that some members of this group work harder to understand how the world works and they’ll get no quarrel, at least not from me, when they explain all they have learned. There is nothing wrong about being in awe of all their vast knowledge, but all that crumbles when they express what is a clear lack of humility, their lack of awe of the Maker. These people who have pored over books compiled since man started recording his achievements, have yet to make a seed.

Atheism was most likely born when Darwin described his theories about evolution, but what he exhibited were minor mutations, and hybridization. To make his theories work, man, who measures his life on earth in days, has to conceptualize millions of years, even light years. This is far more incredible than belief in creation. Look, any of these evolutionists ever explained why human beings evolved such a helpless baby?

What were human beings eating all those millions of years? How many people you’ve seen who like raw cassava, raw fish, raw meat? We only like fruits, and so we would not have grown bigger than the fruit eaters, until we learned to cook and eat meat. Wow, a tiny fruit eater with a helpless baby!

Everyone accepts that the world is older than 6,000 years. That 6,000 years has to do with when a tribe called the Jews started making a record of their genealogy. No one will dispute that challenging the clerics inspired inquiring minds to explore more. Everyone knows that it is highly unlikely that Darwin’s family would have had the money to pay for his jaunt around the world if not for slavery and the rape of the wealth of the Americas.

Michael Reid (www.quora.com) (http://www.companionchapel.com) says the “phony scientist and the bandwagons atheist evolutionaries have used the ‘Whale’ as their proof of evolution Trump Card. The land animal with legs they claim evolved into a whale would have had to develop a blow hole, ability to drink sea water, land limbs to flippers, new eyes for the sea, a whole new skeletal structure with fins and blubber and somehow evolve to give birth under water, salt water to boot. The fossil records they claim to have are conjecture and fallacious, if by nothing else [due to] the impossible short timeline.

“If the whale is their Trump Card, what’s to be said about the rest of their theory of evolution? For humans, fossils show ape-like creatures and fossils show human creatures. Again, no transitional fossils. The history of life shown by fossils confirms the animal, plant, came on the scene ready to rock. An infinite array of fossils with minute variations to relate all animals as universal ancestors does not exist (except through narrative documentaries produced as trickery). Atheists will argue until the sun goes down, even when the facts are right in front of them.”

Not all scientists are so educated they can’t believe in God anymore. David Masci, in his essay “Scientists and Belief” (Pew Research Center,  www.pewforum.org), says “a survey of scientists who are members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science…2009…shows that scientists are roughly half as likely as the general public to believe in God or a higher power. According to the poll, just over half of scientists (51%) believe in some form of deity or higher power; specifically, 33% of scientists say they believe in God, while 18% believe in a universal spirit or higher power.

“The Pew Research Center poll of scientists also found that levels of religious faith vary according to scientific specialty and age. For instance, chemists are more likely to believe in God (41%) than those who work in the other major scientific fields. Meanwhile, younger scientists (ages 18-34) are more likely to believe in God or a higher power than those who are older.”

If creation is incredible, try evolution. If evolution is a true story, then God’s love must even be greater than we believed. How could human beings with their totally helpless baby survive the big, bad world for millions of years?

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