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Home General Shyne Barrow and Bradley Roe may end up suing one another

Shyne Barrow and Bradley Roe may end up suing one another

Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow and Bradley Roe’s unresolved tiff may end up in civil claims

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. June 6, 2019– Belize Music Ambassador and United Democratic Party aspiring politician, Shyne Barrow, and Bradley Roe, a member of a prominent Belizean family, apparently will end up suing one another.

The flare-up between Barrow and Roe began on May 11 while both men were at the Northern Shops, an upscale business establishment on the Philip Goldson Highway. A video from the parking lot of Northern Shops allegedly shows Roe assaulting Barrow, and as a consequence, Barrow made a report to the police and Roe was arrested and charged.

Barrow would later drop the charge.

Barrow’s dropping the charge did not resolve the matter between the two, however. As a countermeasure, Roe’s attorney, Bryan Neal, wrote a letter to Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, last week, which essentially urged the Commissioner to reign in Barrow, who, Neal said, was menacing his client.

Then yesterday, Wednesday, attorney Neal, Bradley Roe and his father Adrian Roe, met with Commissioner Williams at the Raccoon Street Police Precinct in an effort to resolve the issue.

Following yesterday’s meeting with Commissioner Williams, Neal related to Amandala that he felt that the Commissioner had gotten the sense that this matter need not turn into a public emergency.

Neal went on to explain that his client’s instruction to him was to pursue a claim for defamation of character.

In a telephone interview this evening, Barrow told us that an apology that was promised to him by Roe did not materialize.

Barrow said that initially, when Roe was charged, Roe’s attorney promised him that he would issue a public apology.

We asked Barrow what he said that had prompted Roe to want to sue him for defamation.

Barrow told us that he had not posted anything on his Facebook page about Roe, so he does not know where the defamation allegation is coming from.

Barrow said that there was a police report filed on his part for an arrest and arraignment. “I was prepared to move forward when I withdrew the charge,” Barrow said.

Barrow went on to describe the letter Neal sent to Commissioner Williams as being without merit. Barrow said the letter was unethical and dubious, that it was filled with aspersions, and had no basis in fact.

He said that the fact that the media received the letter before the Commissioner did, was irresponsible and inflammatory. “I filed a complaint with the Bar Association,” he said.

“I did what I had to do to move forward. It has been 20 years and I still have people who want to condemn me for what I did 20 years ago. I called Adrian Roe and told him that he had to talk to his son,” said Barrow.

“I will proceed with my civil case for slander and defamation. Absolutely,” Barrow said.

There was a rumor in some circles that Barrow wanted to be paid $10,000 for the assault Roe allegedly committed on him, so we asked him if there was any truth in the claims that he wanted to benefit financially from the incident.

Barrow denied that he attempted to collect money as a result of the incident.

‘Unless they can show you a written document or some type of written proposal … if I was determined that this matter continues, I would have never withdrawn the criminal charge,” he said.

Barrow said that Neal’s letter to the Commissioner opened up back everything.

“This is not a matter for the Commissioner of Police to mediate,” Barrow said. “Had I assaulted that gentleman, then there would have been a video of me assaulting him circulating; it would have been a different story.”

We asked Barrow if he was still insisting that Roe should not come to any of his public events.

“If I am having an event, I have the right to bar anyone from entering for the safety of the people attending my event. I acted in good faith when I withdrew the charge. If I am having an event, he is not welcome at my event, because he has shown no contrition. He is not welcome at any event that I am having, until I see an apology,” Barrow said.

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