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Why in the hell a caged bird will sing? Just check the word “depression,” and you will sing your ass straight into the crazy house. You people are living in a stressful country and you do not even know why. 
I was sold into slavery in 1944. Can anyone tell me, out of eight hundred of us, how many of us have lived to get back to Belize? Money talks and bulls—t walks.    
For sure the so-called poor are using lone bulls—t for money. All of us here are dumb, deaf and blind. You all do not see one s—t, smell one s—t, or even hear one s—t. Most of you have become beggars in a country of wealth untold. Not one ass listens to that, because the begging process is imbedded in your minds. So you will never know what the hell you have in your own country.    
The thieves and the bullsh——-s and the con artists have no use for you at all. Just look at them, then look at yourselves. The most important thing here is that you as black people, do not listen to one s—t.  The man spit it out, and you as a goat swallow it. This is how your weak educated minds work. The bull is there and you accept it, so you become inferior and they superior. They come and their bulls—t spread like sugar candy.
I do not write this column for my health. This is a matter of principles and facts. So the likes and dislikes do not bother me at all. The truth is here. The rest is up to you. Clear conscience I have. 
There are enough names here every week to ask questions to get the facts. You study the man and learn his ways. Almost all of us can learn from a fool. As I am looking at Belize now, I am looking at a whole bunch of fools, because for sure when you spit in the air, it will always fall in your face. Look at yourselves and then look at them. Hell, you have put yourselves in your own trash cans because your intention is to be inferior to them.
None of us here needs to be inferior. We came with the land, as subjects with the slaves and the land. So how in the hell we have gotten so low? Your low mindset has put your ass in this position.   
Just look at the position you have put yourselves into. You have reduced yourselves into weak mindedness, because of bad mindedness against each other. You have created your own traits against each other. Your problems are yours. You have made yourselves second-class citizens in your own country. 
Anyhow, life goes on, and for sure it is up to you to straighten out your country. It is up to you to put the liars and the thieves in their proper perspective, because your burden is stronger than you can bear.
You look at yourselves, then look back at your grandparents and then your children, and this bulls—t is compounded easily – three generations of pure bulls—t and you are still the goats, and you are getting deeper in poverty in a so-called poor ass country.   But others get rich, and you become kings of the flies. 
The country is going backward, and this football bulls—t is pressing on my mind. But then, if you have leaders that cannot lead, just ship their ass to Guatemala with the team.
Parents, it is 8 p.m. Do you know where your children are? Children, it is 8 p.m. Do you know where your parents are?
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