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Some children need the rod

When I was a child I wasn’t aware that it is the people who can’t get their faces out of books that rule the world. I really thought that cerebral prowess wasn’t a factor in leadership if it wasn’t complemented with athleticism. My dad did say that I wasn’t “that smart.”

Bah, I saw the intellectual kids studying hard to make life easy because they didn’t have the muscle or were too lazy to back water and chop grass and do other chores, and I didn’t realize that those sneaky soft pops were actually preparing themselves to dictate how the world was run, preparing themselves to earn big money so they could hire brawn to do their work.

Insults, the intellectual types had a lot of that, and they honed their vicious tongues until they cut like knives. They grew up to become lawyers who take people for sport in the courts, and they learned how to be like Satan — to use deception and half-truths to manipulate people so they have their way. And they gained control of the world and now tell us how to live, what is proper and what is not.

For some years now they have the glaring light on us, the physical people who use the sash kaad to help rein in unruly children. They haven’t been able to pass a law to stop us from giving our children a good caning when they absolutely need one, but they’ve pulled out the next best thing: shame. You’re not a good parent if you lean on the rod. In 2021, lashing children is a relic, a thing almost not done.

Some of the infomercials are good. It is great to teach us, but don’t take away the punishment recommended by the B-I-B-L-E, because for some children, sometimes the belt is the only discipline they understand — discipline they must get, or their lives will be like a rudderless boat, spinning out of control until it ends up on the rocks.

My gudnis, these people are exceptional at connecting stories to plug their case against spanking. Will someone please tell us how many Belizean marijuana smokers moved on to become cocaine and heroin addicts? Hmm, I’ll try a stick of weed when it is legal, under supervision, but the only way I’ll jump and try cocaine is if it is in the form God made it, coca leaves.

How can you say that children who get licked will grow up to like to lick when they become adults? And then, how can these people link parents whipping children into line with men growing up to be aggressive toward women, when aggression toward the gentle sex is one of the number one reasons why boy children used to get a hiding?

Whipping, those intellectual bohgaz were so scared of the rod they didn’t bother to find out why some parents used the tool.

There are children who are perfect. My dad said his sister, Grace, ALWAYS did her parents’ bidding. Naturally, Grace would have to transport herself into the shoes of one of her less obedient siblings to understand why a few cuts were necessary, at times.

Of course we can all improve as parents, but we can’t always escape physical solutions. I don’t think you can find one parent who lashed before dehn taak. Parents taak and taak and taak, and when they find out that someone in the fold absolutely refuses to listen, they run out of patience.

Now, we must appreciate counseling, criticism, and it is good that people who have done some research put forward their ideas to help the rest of us, but if they are sincere, I will suggest they didn’t do enough homework.

There are a number of factors to consider that could not have been included in the discussion when they were about producing the modern manual to raise children. They could not have considered the night-and-day difference between the homes our children are being raised in. The well-off parent can afford to pay for their children’s errors, so they won’t suffer too much for being patient. The parent who has things so tough they can’t find time for themselves, we can’t ignore the load they are carrying.

Some parents have all the luck. We cannot escape the fact that some children are completely docile, some are easily bent to conform, and some parents have the money to give prizes for good behavior. One parent has the advantage of being loved and admired by their children, while another parent is in a constant struggle with their offspring because they can’t provide them with the trappings advertised on teevee.

There should be a study done to find out what the whip was most often used for in the past. I know that TEASING provokes caring parents to take out the whip. These intellectuals like to tease big time. I’ve seen and heard of court cases where these sharpened tongues, lawyers and judges, absolutely chaans humble people. It is their sport, their high, their kick, and they brag about it when they go to their clubs. These types, when they were young, they liked to TEASE, and they were not properly disciplined by their parents.

Some got it because they failed to do their CHORES. The child who refuses to appreciate why he must pull his pound, he needs some prodding.

Soap is not always sufficient to cure DIRTY MOUTHS. Sometimes parents can’t shield their child from company that is rude or disrespectful, and the parents really have to show their displeasure. God protect the child who TAAK BAK to their parents. I have no sympathy for them.

The parent of the child who is SLOW at the beginning knows that sometime in the future their child will start expressing intellectual capacity sufficient to make the book ones get the sense, but if the child fails to get the necessary foundation, he or she will be too far da bak to catch up. That parent might have to get rough.

Dammit, there are children who have tendencies, like PYROMANIA, or FORGETFULNESS – children who repeatedly leave the IRON ON, forget to snuff out the CANDLE – and don’t forget the ones who MATURE too early and want to do big people things.

I’ll tell you that a lot of boys got it for fighting with/assaulting girls. My paternal aunts took a vow against whipping, and their poster person for what not to be like was a nun named Sister Catherine. Ah, I’ve told you her story before, but some stories need telling again and again, because they contain the lessons to enlighten us.

My paternal aunts never came into contact with Sister Catherine, because they weren’t Catholics, and with the little information that filtered over to their school, they considered the good lady a terror on earth. I bet some sneaky intellectual boy got a good disciplining and he wasn’t man enough to shut his mouth after he got what he deserved. Or was it a soft pop parent who couldn’t handle their little prize boy getting a hefty dose of physical medicine?

My dad, a Catholic, said Sister Catherine was stern, but she wasn’t brutal. However, she had a special. And what did she save her special for? Whenever Sister Catherine called in Father to give her special, lay a boy on his belly on the floor and hide him, it was because that boy was DISRESPECTFUL to girls! Go, Sister Catherine, beat the tar out of them!

The people who run this world we live in are on a roll, and there are some things they have done to the old one that aren’t right. They have shamed us into putting away the rod, and now children who need that kind of discipline are being neglected. Please, tempering the rod is good, because some abuse the tool, but don’t take it away.

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