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Special Sitting of the Senate

BELIZE CITY, Mon. July 13, 2020– A special sitting of the Senate is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 15, at 10:00 a.m. in the National Assembly chambers. During the meeting, two appointments will be voted upon — the appointment of a new Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission and the appointment of the Chairperson for the Integrity Commission.

The role of the new Elections and Boundaries chairman is slated to be filled by Estevan Perera, a Belizean attorney at the law firm of Estevan Perera and Company LLP. Perera has also served as a member on the Social Security Board and is a known supporter of the United Democratic Party.

Perera’s potential appointment follows the recent resignation of the former Elections and Boundaries chairman, Doug Singh, who was recorded making derogatory remarks about low-income Belizeans who were seeking aid through the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Programme.

The second appointment — for the post of Chairperson of the Integrity Committee, has become necessary after the two-year appointment of the previous chairperson, attorney Deshawn Arzu-Torres, who was appointed on June 1, 2018, came to an end.

These appointments will take place a mere four months before the upcoming general elections.

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