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NATS Committee announces Farmers of the Year 2024

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Stockholm Syndrome!

FeaturesStockholm Syndrome!

Photo: Joe Biden and Donald Trump / Getty Images

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The above is described as “the psychological condition of a victim who identifies and empathizes with their captor or abuser and their goals.”

In the upcoming election, I believe that most minorities will vote for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, especially minority women and especially black women. It won’t be only because they believe Biden’s policies are better, which they most definitely are, but also the choice is so glaringly obvious to anyone without blinders on. I came to the realization, maybe after the first 3 months after Trump won the presidency, that he was dangerous to America, to women, and to minorities! The only meaningful legislation he passed in his 4 years as president was a $2.3 trillion tax cut for the rich! That’s it; everything else was done through executive orders, because they would have gone nowhere in Congress!

He’s the most uneducated person ever to become president of the United States, and that’s on us! He doesn’t read, except for Mein Kampf, Hilter’s homage to his very disturbed mind. He preaches hate every chance he gets; lately, it is that Jews who vote democratic hate their religion and Israel. He calls migrants inhuman, and claims that they are poisoning the blood of real Americans; he means white Americans, by the way. He surrounds himself with the most hateful, incompetent yes-men, and is in love with autocrats, Putin being his main man. He claims to be a billionaire, but cannot come up with the money to pay his bail; and no one wants to help him because he’s hard pay, as we say in Belize. In other words, he won’t pay you back. He’s petty and thinned skinned and should be kept as far away from power as any man that ever walked the earth. Oh, and the lies, they flow as gently as Sweet Afton, but their consequences are far less healing!

But guess who are his strongest supporters? Evangelicals! With all the vile epithets and lies he spews, you would think it would give them pause; but noooo, he was sent by God to deliver them from evil! He’s supported by members of the police and military, a minority of them, but still, you know, he doesn’t respect them. He’s supported by some blacks and Latinos, by poor whites who benefit much more from Democrats’ policies, and mostly by the uneducated! Don’t get me wrong, there are smart voters that support him, but for their own selfish agendas, not for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

Now he’s being exposed as the naked emperor; he’s broke, he’s desperate, and running to stay out of prison. No matter the delays, the day will come when he will have to face cold, hard realities and accept them. He and his cult – there’s no Republican Party anymore – will taste the bitter taste of defeat, again, and contrary to what the pundits want you to believe, it will be resounding and final! In spite of his support by these deplorables, and there are not enough of them, he will go down in the most inglorious manner. My friends think I’m crazy when I say all this, but I do have faith in the people of America. They have seen what his first presidency brought down on this country, the chaos and mayhem he caused, and rejected him the last time, by over 7 million votes! This November, I believe it will be much worse for him and his minions.

Sanity will prevail, women and the vast amount of minorities will reject his authoritarian tendencies, his hate filled diatribes, his delusional quest for power! It is now the end of March. We have 7 more months to put up with this very dangerous clown show, and then hopefully he will start paying for all his crimes, committed during and after his presidency! And his followers? They will keep living in that state of denial and deceit that they wallow in, every day, instead of looking at themselves, holding themselves responsible for their failures, and not blaming others for being misguided, misinformed, and misled.

Power to the people!


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