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Strained relations between Western Union Belize and Western Union Mexico

Dear Editor:

My name is Ausencio Fermin Olivera. The attached letter is a formal complaint I wrote to the Central Bank of Belize, which did acknowledge receiving my letter. Western Union, to my mind, has completely ignored my complaint, and I wish, as indicated in the letter attached, to go public.

I hope that you will consider publishing my letter in your paper in the public’s interest.

Central Bank of Belize
Belize City

3rd September 2019

Dear Governor:

It is with much concern that I bring, what appears to be, ongoing strained relations between Western Union Belize and Western Union Mexico. This strained relations caused me to lose send-charge fees and stamp duty tax totaling $46.38 cents.

The intended receiver in Mexico was informed by numerous Western Union agents that they were not honoring transactions emanating from Belize, but provided no additional information into this most unfortunate situation.

I proceeded to make inquiries with both the local agent and the country agent office, and it was clear to me that they are aware of strained relations with some, if not all Western Union agents in Mexico. I was appalled to learn from the country agent office, that the burden to ascertain the certainty of completing transactions in Mexico was left up to the customer to investigate.

This, to my mind, is mediocre, given the Western Union brand.

As you may imagine, this formal complaint has little to do with the quantum of money I lost; it is more to express my displeasure, first, with the corporate irresponsibility of Western Union to not publicly and formally warn customers of the strained relations between Belize and Mexico Western Union agents, and secondly, to share the unnecessary embarrassment provoked to both me and the intended receiver in Mexico, and lastly, to state that my loss of $46.38 is institutionalized theft if I do not recover this sum.

I want to believe that there remains government institutions and offices with some credibility and trust that yours is to be counted among those. I urge that the Central Bank of Belize will do its due diligence and take necessary actions to protect the interests of ordinary Belizeans.

I am of the opinion that this is both a private and public matter that needs to be investigated and remedies taken to correct this situation and stop the possibility of institutionalized theft.

I may consider publishing this letter if I do not hear an acknowledgement from you within 14 days from the date of this letter.

Please note that I have attached copies that prove the transactions I conducted with Western Union in Belize. I sent money to Mexico, total cost $296.38, and received the principal sum of $250.00 upon the receiver not being able to complete the transaction.

I have taken the liberty to copy to the Western Union Country agent, under the auspices of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Fermin Olivera

C: Western Union, Belize Chamber of Commerce

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