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“Sure I loved the ladies. But I got a bum rap,” says 101-year-old RB

“Me an my partners had a club — we rented Thistle Hall — and on the weekends we held parties. All the ladies would be inside the hall, waiting for a partner, and the guys would be hanging around outside, doing who knows what. The ladies wanted to dance; I loved to dance; so I danced with all of them,” RB (Roy Belisle) said.

God spares life, on December 18 RB will be celebrating his 102nd year on earth, at Harmonyville, where he resides with his caregiver, Ms. Gloria Soriano, and her family. RB isn’t doing so well these days, largely because he is bedridden. He took a hip operation some years ago and he did no therapy because, he says, he expected the doctors knew what they were doing. Well, he still isn’t low on spunk.

A special Happy Birthday to you, RB, from your children; your beloved sister, Elinor Hyde; and from your many nephews and nieces and in-laws and friends. Some of us will be around for Ms. Gloria’s delicious tamales and some drinks on the special day.

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