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Terrence Bishop dies in mass shooting at illegal gambling spot in Brooklyn

He was a son of Belizean-American Guy Bishop

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Oct. 15, 2019–Reports out of New York indicate that there was mayhem at an illegal gambling spot in Brooklyn, New York, where gunfire erupted early on Saturday morning, October 12. When the shooting stopped, there were four bodies, and three injured persons had to be rushed to area hospitals.

There were an estimated 15 persons playing dice inside Triple Aces, a hangout spot on Utica Avenue, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, around 7:00 a.m., when gunfire erupted inside. Officials are unclear as to exactly what caused the shooting, and have not yet determined whether it was a robbery or if the shots were fired by someone who was a player in the game. Police reportedly recovered two firearms from the scene, a revolver and a 9mm pistol, and are poring over surveillance video footage from the club to try to piece together what exactly transpired.

The New York Post reported its sources as saying that the shooting was caused by Chester Goode, 37, a gambler who pulled out a handgun and fired into the ceiling, “in what was either a robbery or, more likely, a beef over a game.” Goode died from a bullet to the head.

The mass shooting received wide-ranging coverage in the US mainstream media as well as other US media. The NY Post, in referring to Goode, reported, “Two pals he had brought with him — Terrence Bishop, 36, and John Thomas, 32 — also wound up dead, sources said. So too did the illegal gambling den’s revolver-toting security guard, who’d heroically tried to stop the violence by firing at Goode, the sources said.”

Terrence Bishop is a son of Belizean-American Guy Bishop.

The NY Post story went on to say that Goode and his two pals were gambling around a table for over an hour, and had lost a lot of money. Goode, the source told the NY Post, pulled out a 9mm pistol and ordered everyone to get down on the floor.

The other man who was killed is Dominick Wimbush, 47. All the victims were residents of Brooklyn.

New York’s Chief of Detectives, Dermot Shea, said at a press conference on Saturday that the gambling in the club was illegal.

Samuel Revells, the owner of the building, told authorities that he had no idea that gambling was taking place at the club. He said he rented out the place for family functions and thought a family party was taking place in the club.

Revells told the New York Daily News, “It’s not my operation. I understand people got killed there and it’s crazy, and I’m very upset, very upset. I feel very bad about what happened.”

The Utica Avenue shooting is the second mass killing in New York in one week. One week before the Utica Avenue club shooting, four homeless men were mauled to death by another homeless man.

“Last Saturday morning, the police arrested Randy Rodriguez Santos, a troubled homeless man, and charged him with bludgeoning five other homeless men with a three-foot, 15-pound metal bar as they slept at different street corners of Chinatown. Four of them died and a fifth was clinging to his life at an area hospital,” the New York Times reported in its coverage of the Utica Avenue shooting.

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