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That young lady needs to get her head screwed on right

It must be the jaw dropper of the year, Miss Mikaela Spielberg, the adopted daughter of famed movie maker Steven Spielberg and his wife, announcing that she was going to make pornographic movies because she “got really tired of not being able to capitalize on [her] body, and, frankly,… got really tired of being told to hate [her] body.”

The young lady said she “got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying [her] soul,” and that her parents were “intrigued” by her career choice. Ms. Mikaela said she had eating disorders as a child, and suffered depression, and that she hopes her parents will be proud of how she’s bounced back from a drinking problem that almost took her life “a couple times” after she turned 21. (Source of information here from a story by Rob Bailey-Millado in the New York Post)

Pornography, like dirty music and smutty literature, appeals to the baser instincts, and the people who produce them or are involved with their production have little – that could be no —moral worth. They are all about the rudeness of the artist/producer and making easy money. Pornography isn’t art. It’s simply how all the animals behave, and how people used to behave before they chose dignity.

The big story of civilization is separation from our base animal instincts. People put on clothes! People find their bedroom or closet or some hideaway when they want to get serious. We try not to be foul mouths. The Lord knows how easy it is for us, everyone of us, to fall. King David had his road to heaven all mapped out until he looked out of his window and saw, and collapsed.

I believe a woman has a right to sell her body, but there is no dignity there. Girl, if yu body gud there is not a man alive who won’t want to see you, but you have to know that what you’re doing isn’t noble. Go on, get naked, and don’t make your movie too expensive, so poor guys can get a good ogle out of you. Yu bloody lewd, and poor we will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

I think I 150,000% understand why a young woman would want the male world to see her in all her God-given glory, and 150,000% don’t understand why she would want anyone to see her performing sex acts. I understand why we will want to see her performance, but not why she would want us to see her performing. Ai, you know you’ll corrupt some pastors, some of them very sincere, doing their best to walk the straight and narrow, because if their blood is red they will buckle when they see prime flesh.

When you think on it, you get the sense that the Genesis crowd got it all wrong. One dot leads to the dot that makes a sensible story, or what you have is disorder, a jumble. God could never have allowed Eve to run around in the bare. I bet he made her a pretty dress and that’s how she went about The Garden.

Ah, one day Miss Eve met the Devil by a tree, and you know girls, she wasn’t satisfied with his admiring eyes, she wanted him to express it in palabras.

“You like my pretty dress?” she asked him.

“Yes, but it’s no match for the natural gifts you got,” the Devil said.

“What do you mean?” Eve said.

“If you want to find that out, take off the dress and give it to me,” the Devil said. “Then go pay a lee visit to Mr. Adam. Ih deh by the aapl tree.”

“But I want him to see my pretty dress,” Eve said.

The Devil laughed, “Ha, ha.”

“Why do you laugh?” Eve said.

“Girl,” the Devil said, “you are so innocent. With that pretty dress on you will get admiring eyes. Take it off and he will be your taffi.”

Political news

From the Blue Camp: “Said Musa approves this message.” Naturally, The Belize Times columnist, “Think About It”, got no dreaded disclaimer this week, and that’s because he/she wrote a glorious report on all the successes of Said Musa, and nada about his many failures. Ah, Said, the man who risked and lost for the love of a very selfish friend. Oh well, he must have a good heart because his political career has survived to see the man who called him a whitéd sepulcher and worse, master himself into a corner not even a snake could wriggle out of.

From the Red Camp: “The Master tripped up by his own games?” One of the dark stories making the rounds is that Master of Games who played his way into the Prime Ministership of Belize in 2008, he wanted to hatchet Patrick Faber and he and bigger forces also couldn’t see John in the seat because of the people that brother was dealing with, and so Master of Games used the route of the expensive convention as a slingshot to stone down the two unwanted birds.

I’m no conspiracist, definitely no master of games. In fact, I don’t play games, at least not any that is high on intrigue, so my simple take at the onset was that the Master was sending John at this time because he knows the party doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell at a fourth consecutive term, and he was shelving Patrick so he could be dusted off later to pick up the pieces.

Oh, if I had known that the young Elrington who is running in Freetown against Francis Fonseca and the man the UDPeez fear most, Albert Vaughan, yes, if I had known that the young Elrington had ratted out Faber, his friend, I would have known that the dagger I saw stuck in Faber’s back wasn’t plastic but an old rusted never-used machete. In the end, it was no game ataal. —putting Faber to pasture was a permanent move, or at least for as long as Master of Games controls the party.

“The UDP needs time to find…” The UDP needs time to find … to find … Look, we all know what the UDP is seeking to find, but those bohgaz are in such a bind they can’t come clean and say what’s their dilemma. They are a party in desperate need of a helping hand, someone to raise them up, but the person they seek doesn’t exist.

See, the person must be able to provide a protective shield for the corrupt faction of the party – remember that during the Penner scandal Barrow shed his broken wings for a fork, and when you make a deal with you know whom, you are stuck like tar baby. So, they need a leader who can protect the corrupt element. But the person also needs a veneer of innocence. Impossible!

Whoa, don’t look for any wicked news about the Blue Camp here at this time. Ah, there was a time when I’d be on them like white on rice, as Derek liked to say, but I have had enough of Red, at least for now. If the Blue get the controls and do the right thing, they might also get my vote the big election after the upcoming one, but I’ve never voted for the PUP in consecutive elections, so if I could make money off a bet, I’d say it’s one vote for the Blue bohgaz, and out.

Adios, Mr. Alfonso C. Ramirez

I’d heard Mr. Ramirez was ill, and he must have been really down because he hadn’t posted a story to the Amandala for quite a while, but I was not expecting to read of his passing. I think his stories were the best, absolute classics, enjoyable, fascinating, Belize-to-the-bone. Mucho respect, Mr. Ramirez, and sincere condolences to your family.

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