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That’s a burning one!

SportsThat’s a burning one!

by Peter Young

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Mar. 1, 2023

A pleasant time of the day to all cricket enthusiasts! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Barry Bowen/Harrison Parks Cricket Competition 2023 continued over the weekend with again some very exciting matches.

Before going into details with those, it’s sad that the National Cricket Team that was scheduled to play in Argentina from the 25th February to the 3rd March did not travel again due to some difficulties in getting the Argentine Visa on time for the boys to travel. The Association promises that this will never happen again as matters relating to the mishap have been corrected. 

Now for results of last weekend’s games. In no particular order: 

Golden Eagles over Progressive, 65 to 64 with 6 spare wickets. For the Eagles, Lindell Pook and Percival “Chick” Joseph scored 18 and 14, respectively; while Norman Pook and Gareth Joseph took 4 and 3 wkts each, respectively. Norman Pook was crowned Man of the Match by Progressive manager Sean Nicholas by offering Pook a trophy. Nice gesture, Mr. Nicholas!  That encourages the players to perform at their best. For Progressive, David Wade, Jr. scored 27 and took 2 wickets.

Tropical Disturbance over St. Paul’s Strikers, 125 to 124 with 1 spare wicket. For Tropical Disturbance, Herbert Banner scored 41 and took 3 wickets, and Howell Gillett took 4 wickets also. For the Strikers, Maleek Sutherland scored 26, and Brian Cassasola, Lloyd Cassasola and Francis Stephen took 2 wickets each.

Summa Feva over Surprise, 136 to 135, with 4 spare wickets. For Summa Feva, Andrew Banner, Jr. scored 39 and also took 3 wickets. For Surprise, Jayron Anthony scored 23, and Kenroy Reynolds took 3 wickets.

Rising Star over Weekend Warriors, 107 to 106 with one spare wicket. For Rising Star, Tyrol Vacaro scored 36 and took 2 wickets. For the Warriors, Egbert Robinson and Tyrone Bood took 3 wickets each.

Long Journey over Brave Union Boys, 116 to 103. For Long Journey, Alvin Dawson scored 39, and Nigel Segura 23. For Brave Union Boys, Jahlen Thompson took 4 wickets.

Now for the match between Western Eagles and Wicked 11. This must have been a very exciting game for fans and supporters. I tried very hard to get a full stats for the game, but up to preparing this article I was unsuccessful. Anyway, the Eagles won the toss and took to bat. After 30 plus overs, they were bowled out for 117. Jareem Lord and Kenton Moses scored 37 each, and Tausaun Moses of Wicked 11 took 3 of Eagles’ wickets. After a short lunch break, Wicked 11 went to bat, and after playing for over 20 overs they surpassed the score by 1. The team was all out for 118. Tausaun Moses scored 70 for Wicked 11, and Marcel McNabb and Jareem Lord took 5 and 4 wickets, respectively. What is so interesting about this match, two brothers played against each other. Taushaun Moses plays with Wicked 11, and Kenton plays with Western Eagles. Taushaun was the victor. After the game, it was so heart-warming to see these two brothers hug each other in a loving embrace. That’s the spirit of the sport. LOVE, RESPECT AND UNITY. 

The following games are scheduled for this weekend 4th and 5th March.

On the 4th – Brilliant vs Sunrise at Lemonal; Western Eagles vs BDF at BDF; Golden Eagles vs Brave 11 Reloaded at Willows Bank; and Long Journey vs Rising Star at Sandhill.

On the 5th – Sunrise vs Summa Feva at Landing; Progressive vs Tropical Disturbance at Biscayne; and Weekend Warriors vs Brave Union Boys at Boom.

That’s my cricket family! Best of luck to all teams. Remember to spread the love and respect around. Bye bye till next week!  Enjoy your weekend of cricket! 

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