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The party of misogyny: redux

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the stench that has seeped into the veins of the leadership of the UDP. It pains me very much to have to disparage a party which, through all its evolutions, has been effective as an opposition party, and ineffective as a ruling party, not always, but in the last 4 years especially. One would think that after their resounding defeat at the polls last year, they would reexamine why they have fallen into the depths of insignificance, and are now reduced to the party of pappyshow, like the Republican Party here in the United States. They are doubling down on their incompetence and corruption, instead of finding a lifeline to pull them out of the muck that they are so rapidly sinking in.

I read with horror this morning that the Ethiopian Jew, the rapper, a very good rapper, and a convicted felon, has had the audacity to put himself out there to be considered as leader of this inconsequential opposition party! WTF? Seriously? When asked about the allegations of spousal abuse against him, his answer was that they were withdrawn. Again, seriously? While what remains of the party is there, hemming and hawing about what to do with Patrick Faber, another even more inexperienced, untrustworthy, untested, full of frailties candidate, is trying to circumvent the natural order, and take over this poor excuse of a political organization. “Party” is a term that must be earned all over again, by this band of rudderless refugees, drifting on the the sidelines of political flotsam and jetsam!

But this says more about the UDP, than about the kid trying to hijack it. After 12 years in power, having squandered all credibility with the voters, and citizens of the Jewel, they are now wandering in the wilderness of confusion and denial, and obfuscation! They have no Moses, to guide them out of the wilderness, no Phillip or Dean L, or even Shubu, to guide them back to the safe harbor of reality and common sense. I mean, even at their worst, the PUP still had leaders to bring them back from the brink, so that they could reconstitute, and become a worthwhile opposition party.

These are indeed dire times for a party, which once stood up against Guatemalan imperialism, that fought hard to be recognized and accepted by a majority of the country. In my opinion, the PUP will repeat what George Price did in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Be unopposed by any serious opposition. It worked out well then. Could the same happen in these uncertain times in our history? Vamos a ver.

Belizean in diaspora

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