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The Poor Nuh Stand Wa Chance!

Arguably the entire country tuned in to the first official sitting of the House, where the people’s business was conducted. For the wider populace, one would argue that it was the most important House meeting in decades. As a country, we find ourselves on the precipice of an economic and social decline as a direct result of the health crisis we are currently facing. So, we tuned in to this rather important House of Representatives meeting with all hopes and bets that a united front would be presented in an effort to seek to mitigate the ills that plague us. But instead, mudslinging and bickering prevailed.

As the population listened intently to the day’s undertakings, by and large we were shocked at the level of political pettiness and idle name-calling and finger-pointing that took place. As a matter of fact, this is what prevailed for the better part of the protracted House meeting. It was almost like they were grand-standing in a competitive manner to see who could produce the most dirt, so to speak.

Well, whether we asked for dirt or not, dirt came and was hurled across the House floor, propelled and fueled by the gusty gales of metaphors, conjectures and highfalutin’ innuendos. The nation got a first-row seat to listen to all the purported discoveries that the new Ministers made upon taking over their respective ministries. One was taken aback by the sheer volume and extent of the revelations, but somehow wasn’t entirely surprised. I mean, as bad as it is and as dire as the situation seems, it has become a trend in our young democracy for our leaders to engage in name-calling and finger pointing (while the most vulnerable of the country continue to suffer)!

The biggest takeaway from the most recent (and deemed most important) House meeting is this: our leaders engaged in childish back and forth while the masses of our people suffered in silence. While they embarked on their glorious journey to Belmopan, over 50,000 unemployed Belizeans looked to the capital for something, and nothing came! While they argued in the House, laid blame and hurled insults at one another, many families struggled to find food and make ends meet; and the ends are no more closer than the dreary distance that hangs between.

While we listened to all the accounts of purported misappropriation of resources in the various Ministries, we were eerily reminded of the ever-present ills that plague us and that when a few have much at their disposal, many are wallowing in indigence and destitution to the tune of lost figures that they can’t even begin to pronounce, for their situation doesn’t afford them such liberties to even partake in such discussions.

See, the thing is this. The point I am trying to make is really simple. If nothing else, that House meeting revealed that the poa pipl ina dis ya kuntri nuh stan’ wa chance!!!! Listen to the report presented by the ministers, coupled with the vast amount of wastage and purported misappropriation of resources, and you’ll soon realize that dey nuh have the poor people at heart. You are only valuable once every five years and three in-between, when elections are due.

But really, truth be told, with the magnitude of revelations, the abundance of natural resources and all that was purportedly wasted or squandered, we cudda mi di live good, I tell yuh! All ah wi ina this sacred jewel, this homeland by the sea, should have a decent piece of land, good and proper healthcare, economic security, financial stability, and educational opportunities in a land that is free and fair, teeming with plenty, because really, we are few in number.

But while that is not currently the case, it is a very possible prospect. Despite the dire situation we currently find ourselves in, things can turn around. And the people have been overly patient and understanding, so the basis is already given. Now is the time for our leaders to come together and act on the sheer goodwill and goodness of the people. Turn things around. Work together and put the gimmicks and folly behind, ‘cause really and truly, we cannot continue on the path we are on, in abeyance of efforts to meet the needs of the poor.

If we continue to point fingers and engage in name-calling, then the poor people of this country really nuh wa stand wa chance! Wake up, Belize, Wake Up!
Unchained Reflections of a Liberal Pragmatist.

God Bless Belize!

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