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NATS Committee announces Farmers of the Year 2024

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Young sailors stand on the shoulder of a Master and Commander: Charles Bartlett Hyde

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The story is that another person bled out while people were around them

FeaturesThe story is that another person bled out while people were around them

by Colin Hyde

No amount of university knowledge can displace common sense. Like AI, what you learn in the big school is what your professor has inside his/her head, and the best your professor can offer is what is accepted at the time. Scientific knowledge has been debunked so many times, everyone should know that the knowledge we have today could be superseded tomorrow. In the science world there are many views out there, many ways to skin a cat; that’s why people with money always pay for a second opinion when they have health issues. Remember, they condemned coconut oil; but Dr. Bulwer said, nonsense, and soon they had to retract. What more do you need to know?

In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. Where no doctor or first aid specialist is around, YOU might be the one who has to be da man. Yes, we have heard about da man making gross errors, such as putting comatose persons on their backs, or sticking their finger down their throat to dislodge an object that is blocking the air passage. But if someone is dying, someone has to do something. You don’t stand by and allow anyone to bleed to death.

A family member of the guy who was shot at the fast-food shop in Dangriga said that the police blocked them from moving the wounded man. The brother of the young man who got killed in the motorcycle accident in Belize City last week, said people watched his brother bleed to death. Burn the textbook that says only trained personnel should move an injured person. If you see a seriously wounded person lying on the ground, staunch the blood and get them to the hospital as quickly as you can. If there is no vehicle and the wounded person isn’t responsive, turn them so they are lying on their side. If the person has something stuck in their throat, perform the Heimlich—make a fist and cup it with your other hand, put the double fist just above the navel, and push inward and upward 5 times, and repeat until the object is ejected. Do something!

The most intelligent or knowledgeable person on the scene must decide if the injury could be fatal. If it’s that kind of injury every second counts. Of course, you want to stay away from back injuries—if you can. I say, it is a crime to have your arms folded while someone dies. Somebody had better give those police a good scolding. It’s incredible! The crime scene isn’t more important than the victim. Try and save the injured person, then think about nabbing the criminal. Oh, somebody, please pass a law that NO ONE has the right to video anyone who is down. Make the penalty a massive fine or the horrible jail. Yes, the horrible jail for a horrible act.

Two people left to die when hope was still alive; something is gravely wrong. The responsible people really must get up and make some sense.

Octogenarians fighting to make the White House their home

CNN ran a story from a BuzzFeed collection of stories from Quora about older people and the indignities and surprises of aging, the disrespect, the neglect, the disregard and all that goes with getting old. You’ll have to Google that story yourself because it is flat out not encouraging. Understandably, we care about the aged, especially those ones who are having a difficult time; but attend all of them with a smile, because in their day many of those bohgaz packed more excitement into a week than many of us tally up in a lifetime. I tell you, many a dehn bohgaz mi di live!

Really, maybe the sorry should be for ourselves. Some of us will look quite silly when our Maker says, well, how did you enjoy My creation, and all we can forward is that we played on our Iphone and listened to dirty music and watched videos that papisho people.

Oldsters can be bad, and the worst of them, the ones that are a heap of trouble, are those ones who have no quit in them until they catch hoarseness or Alzeihmers. Everywhere you look, oldsters are hogging up the important positions. Judging from what I see in Belize, they must be the ones with all the talent. But we don’t have it bad. Look at what’s happening in America!

Two octogenarians are fighting, elephant vs donkey, to get their hands on the bomb. If the world was different we could say it’s their thing, but we have to be concerned because the bomb isn’t confined to their borders. What’s with these octogenarians? As children are for making the place lively, and for their promise, oldsters are for arm chair commentaries and nostalgia. As long as Henry Charles is in the PUP, George Price will lead the parade. And that’s fair, drawing energy from great heroes. Remember, they propped up the dead El Cid on a horse and marched behind him to battle.

Their shaky hands and forgetful, foggy minds shouldn’t be anywhere near the bomb. You see all the madness that has taken place in the world since septuagenarians got their hands on it, beginning in 2016. While they have been at the helm it has been calamity after calamity, so many calamities Armaggedon dreamers have become feverish in their belief that we are nearing the end. Those bohgaz, it’s their right to swear we are living in end times; people have a right to their thoughts; the absolute disaster is that they are throwing the kitchen sink to force the prophecy. God doesn’t need any help from humans!

It’s all because of old leadership. These fools in America, don’t they know that old people don’t have all encompassing love? Of course there are the rare ones, like brother Jimmy Carter. But for every Brother Jimmy there’s a hundred Kissingers hanging on and pushing killing young people.

Only a septuagenarian would have encouraged the storming of the president’s house. Old men are extremely wild people. Yes, twice a child, and we know that children are as animal as any beast you find in the field.

US takes a page from Bukele’s book?

Last week, a jury in Michigan found the parents of a murderous teen guilty of manslaughter. In the case in Michigan, the prosecutors argued that the parents knew their son was psychotic, yet they had bought him a gun. The story, by CNN reporters, said prosecutors argued that the one who bought the gun “was ‘grossly negligent.’ He bought a SIG Sauer 9 mm gun for his son four days before the attack, failed to properly secure it, ignored his son’s downward-spiraling mental health, and did not take ‘reasonable care’ to prevent foreseeable danger.”

The word is that the verdict is precedent setting in that country. The US has been the loudest accusers of El Salvador’s Bukele for the draconian tactics he uses to corral violent individuals. I’ve told you enough times that the moment these “civilized” countries lose control to violent elements, they will do what they deem necessary to restore order. Everyone knows that where there is no order there is no business, and where there is no business there is no prosperity, and they will have prosperity by hook or by crook. Bukele went to the extreme to bring order back in his country. And this Michigan judgment is from the same book.

Notably, it is jurors not a judge that handed in that decision. In that country they still have juries in cases where people are on charge for violent crimes. That’s because they are able to.

It must be over a decade ago that we did away with juries in cases where people are being tried for extremely violent crimes. We did away with juries after violent criminals – who had been emboldened by a criminal justice system that was taffy for wily lawyers and their violent clients who made a sport of threatening jurors and disappearing witnesses – made the mistake of turning their guns on the lawyer fraternity that had made it so easy for them to get away with violent criminal acts.

If the law partner of PM Barrow hadn’t been shot, and a lawyer killed along with his wife who was unfortunately with him when he was attacked, 100% of witnesses would still have to be 100% alive to testify, and we would still have trials for these crimes with jurors, and jurors would still be in such terror that Not Guilty (and nolle pros) would still be the “verdict”, 95% of the time.

A few lawyers have been crying out that our Constitution says its juries who should decide, not judges. They are the same ones who are hollering about the sanctity of bail. They have their points when people are held for misdemeanors and money matters. But we can’t be soft on violence. This story about a brother who was detained by police, in the story I read in the Amandala, there’s a quote from him that crossed a line, especially because he was speaking to a female officer. These lawyers that live in these big houses with security cameras and guard dogs and are insulated because they work for the people the police are after, they are playing games. You can play with most anything, but violence, don’t ever play with that.

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