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These are not serious people!

FeaturesThese are not serious people!

Thursday, March 7, 2024

I am borrowing a line from the series, “Succession,” where Logan Roy told his children after listening to them bickering, “You are not serious people.”

After this last election it is obvious that the UDP is not a serious party. It is obvious that they have no idea of what winning means anymore. They lack strong leadership, which is so obviously missing; they need cohesion, orchestration and lamentation! They come back to the voters without any clear message; it is as if though each candidate has his/her own agenda.

Shyne, bless his soul, is not a leader. There’s this song I hear on the radio about the wishy washy man! That is what he reminds me of. He can’t seem to make up his mind about Faber and Saldivar, and their place, not only in the hierarchy, but also if they should be members of his party. He does not have leadership skills, and is more comfortable abroad with his celebrity friends than he is leading a political organization, in my opinion.

The party needs adults in the room, to lead them out of the maze they are lost in. Responsible, respected adults that have a firm political and policy vision. They still haven’t apologized for the rampant corruption, the nepotism, the arrogance of power they exhibited during their reign, and I use the word reign as it was meant to be used. They acted like royalty, not as servants of the people!

The fact that Mr. Faber and Mr. Saldivar are still being asked by the press if they aspire to leadership, is one of the most preposterous questions I’ve ever heard being asked. They have so many question marks behind their names that you would think that they’d be in some hole, trying to repair the damage they inflicted on their party, their constituents, on the country. But these guileless politicians have no souls or compassion or conscience. They have never apologized, and neither has the Leader of the Opposition, for betraying the trust of the people!

Man, before you ask people to trust you to take charge of a village, a municipality, a country, you have to get on your hands and knees and cry mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa! It’s the least you can do after the mess you left behind. And all this is coming from a place of love in my heart for a party I once swore fealty to! You have to start all over, get rid of all these undesirables that have no place in the party.

There are people that are true believers, kinda like those who follow and believe in the Trumpian cult! To them I say, look around you, everyone else has moved on, you do the same or change the leadership of your decaying party! It’s not going anywhere, not now, not in the next election without drastic changes, and even that might be too late.

I believe that it is a time for introspection, soul searching, for a renewal of energy, and conviction, to try to become a respectable Opposition! The PUP will not be ever defeated with this set of clowns at the top! I do not have any party affiliation anymore. I will support whoever is doing best for the welfare of the Jewel, not for themselves. That whole land deal with the 5 or 50 thousand acres being sold for pennies, that’s thievery, in my opinion! Those are the things that make the UDP toxic to the voters.

And I hope that the People’s United Party does not gloat about this massacre, and realize that they have the same weaknesses that any party with almost absolute power has. I hope they temper their desire for power and greed and graft, and give the people what they deserve. People deserve safe borders, safe streets, a reliable economy with good paying jobs, schools that teach history, the history of Belize! They need to know that Belize comes first, not the carpetbaggers and colonialists that believe they can dictate our future! People need to know that they matter, and not just at election time!

I hope that the results of this election will bring the needed changes to the Opposition. Choose good candidates, choose leaders in the mold of Goldson, unselfish and incorruptible leadership! If not, mi bredda, it will always be PUP? ALL THE WAY!


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