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I see where the columnist, the Searchlight, in the el Guardian, has taken issue with Amandala’s Ms. Adele Ramos for a story sub-titled: Homosexuals, sodomites and prostitutes worsen HIV/AIDS situation in region. Well, I applaud Adele for being brave enough, in the face of our powerful ostriches in the AIDS Commission, who have decided on the “enlightened” path of denial of the role sodomy is playing in the transmission of this disease.
Sometime ago, Senator Henry Gordon (on the aside, I believe he doesn’t need the pay, so I’ll be working “tooth and nail” for him to lead the misguided churches (on this specific) to hand over that seat to the deserving party – farmers and fisherfolk…like NOW), yap, Senator Gordon threw a big stone about sodomy’s role in the transmission of the HIV/AIDS disease. The AIDS Commission did the big ignore. How long can they get away with this approach? Are those who practice sodomy in our society so in need of protection that we should stymie truth that could save lives?
Check it, there are men who sodomize women. We know this because we read the Americans, and we hear the crappy songs, and we hear the talk around the place. Now, what’s the point of sodomizing a woman? The homosexuals have argued that this attraction with the derriere is a biological issue. So, a man is attracted to a woman…to sodomize her? Absolute nonsense.
The Americans, yes, those same ones who have produced more garbage “scientific” studies than everyone else combined, have put it forward that 10% of us are homosexuals, and at least 50% of human beings will have a homosexual experience in their lifetime. The 10% argument has to be more absolute nonsense. But, let’s ignore that today. Braa, why in the world will 40% of us have a homosexual experience…to find out that we do not care for this rudeness? Can’t you smell the rank of manipulation here? Most human beings are faddish…mongki sih, mongki du. It’s how this advertising gets people to buy things and follow things that make no sense to them. It’s how weak minds get suckered into this type of behavior.
We teach our children to say “no” to drugs, and to avoid people who deal drugs, because we know that drugs are dangerous to their health. Sodomy is very dangerous to their health, too. So, teach the children to say “NO.” If the truth can save one woman from exposing herself to sodomy, tell it. If the truth can save “that” 40% from exposing themselves to sodomy, tell it.
As for prostitution, we have a right to know the facts about how that profession (and promiscuity) increases the exposure of the general populace to this deadly disease. The bare question is: do sodomy and prostitution increase the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in our society? The answer is: they do! So, lik road.
Community activists are worth their weight in gold
A community activist is an extremely prized commodity, so sensible people try to insulate, protect their community activists from harm. Still, community activists are stressed from time to time because of jealousy, bad mind, or for the evil ends of enemies of the society. Sometimes the faults, failures (perceived, etc.) of the community activist will be brought to the fore by over-zealous citizens. But the sensible members of a society, those ones who know that community activists are essential to the strength of the fabric, will rally behind and protect the community activist from those who would tear him/her down. It is better to build than to destroy.
If it comes to sensible members of a society that a community activist has fallen into sin, they will go to that person and have a serious discussion BEFORE making a move that would embarrass him/her. No, you don’t squander people who are good for the community.                   The police’s action, acting on suspicion alone that a community activist has fallen, or to demonstrate that no cow is sacred, is very sad. Thinking caps were not screwed on right with respect to the invasion of Miss Westby’s home.
Sign yo name
Some people have referred to me as an anonymous writer. That is not true in respect to my work as a columnist for the Amandala. I once wrote a column bylined Sixes and Sevens, but in the very first column I told readers what my name was. And, from time to time, I dropped it in my pieces.
Many people have things to share that they believe are important, but for various reasons they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. If you will write a piece, or a column dealing with issues in a broad sense, you don’t have to byline your work. But if you will call out people, you have to step up.
With respect to my novels, I wished to write anonymously. It was my hope that somebody in Belize would see potential in my creative writing, and handle my pieces. That didn’t work out. Miss Emma (Heritage Publishing) published Unbridled (poetry) for me. We went down with that. I had hoped to win a publisher for Whopper’s Snapper, but no deal. I published, and I had to put my name down as the publisher. The short of the story is that so little interest (returns) has come my way for my creative writing that when I reached Borly, the pen name Cypher was put away.
Interest or no interest, my next effort on the table is a “roughish” piece, very short (about 9,500 words), titled Invasion of the Mangrove Goons. I hope to get two other pieces published this year too. There’s a full length play which is my traditional off the beaten path, and I’ll have a talk sometime with the publisher of the Amandala about putting some of the more flavorful Sixes and Sevens columns together. I wrote them, but he edited and published them in the newspaper, so I don’t know how the rights go.
P.S. This piece “sign yo name” is not directed at the el Guardian columnist, the Searchlight. To my recollection, except for traditional red vitriol heaved towards blue leaders, the Searchlight generally stays away from calling names. Of course, other people might remember other things.
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