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Home Crime Thief finds ATM cards; steals $9,000 from two accounts

Thief finds ATM cards; steals $9,000 from two accounts

A Corozal resident lost $9,000 from his bank accounts after a thief, or thieves, found his ATM bank cards, which they used to clean his accounts at the Scotia Bank and the Atlantic Bank in Corozal.

Cyril Perfecto Nal of San Narciso, Corozal, reported that he lost his wallet containing his ATM bank cards last Saturday.

Nal had to wait until Monday to go to the banks to block the cards, but when he went to the banks, he learned that a total of $9,000 had already been withdrawn from his accounts, through 13 transactions at different locations in the country.

Scotia Bank told Amandala that a maximum of $500 can be withdrawn in a day by their account holders from the ATM, while Atlantic Bank allows up to $800 to be withdrawn within a day.

However, the ATM cards can be swiped at some stores to pay for purchases.

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