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Thomas Shannon, 73, beaten and robbed at home

GeneralThomas Shannon, 73, beaten and robbed at home

HOPKINS, Stann Creek District, Wed. Feb. 27, 2019– Steve Crawford, Jr., 23, and Karil Sanchez, 21, both laborers of Belize City, have been arrested and charged with aggravated burglary, theft and handling stolen goods.

They were arrested in Hattieville on Sunday when they were found in a vehicle stolen from Thomas Shannon, 73, an American living in Hopkins, who told police that he was beaten in his house by two armed thieves who then stole his vehicle.

Shannon told police that he was at home alone Saturday night when two men knocked on his door and when he opened it, they forced their way inside, and they attacked him, beating him in an effort to access his money, after which they stole his belongings and his vehicle, in which they drove away.

After they left, Shannon, who lives alone, was able to loosen the tapes with which he had been tied, and went for help.

Police said that Shannon’s cell phone and other stolen belongings were found with the men.

Shannon told police that one of the men was armed with a gun and the other had a knife. He said that the bandit armed with the knife stabbed him and the one with the gun beat him in the head with it several times.

When they began to demand money, Shannon said that he kept telling them that he was broke and did not have money, that they had gone to the wrong house, but they did not believe him, and hit him repeatedly.

Shannon told police that they told him that they had been told that he had money in the house, and then they duct-taped him across his mouth, then across his nose, and then began ransacking the house. He said that they broke his drawer looking for money, but only documents were in it.

Police’s regional commander Sandra Bodden said that their investigation led to the two men, who were found in Hattieville.

According to court records, they were taken to court and were remanded until May 30.

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