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Home Crime Toddler, 3, sexually assaulted by neighbor, 15

Toddler, 3, sexually assaulted by neighbor, 15

Police say that a toddler, 3, was sexually assaulted by her neighbor, 15, at her home in Bullet Tree Falls. The minor is now in police custody and will be charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature.

The toddler’s mother, a Guatemalan, told police that she saw her daughter coming towards her in the house; her lower body was naked and her private part was bleeding.

She immediately rushed the toddler to the police and police took them to the San Ignacio Hospital, where a doctor examined the baby and concluded she had been assaulted.

The irate mother told police that about 5:00 p.m. yesterday, she was at home along with her daughter when her neighbor, a boy, 15, came to her house, and after talking to him, she went into another room to pack clothes and shortly after, her daughter came to her, without her undergarment, and she was bleeding.

She asked her daughter what had happened, and according to the mother, the girl told her what the boy did with his hands.

The minor was later arrested.

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