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Triumphant Palm Sunday

There are people who say Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey wasn’t so triumphant because within a week He would be scourged, and hung upon a cross. Bah, the bankers and the lawyers and the capitalist politicians got comeuppance on Palm Sunday, so they would like for us to concentrate on fretting about Good Friday.

Nyet to them. Jesus knew what He was about, so we should leave the future and live for this moment. Palm Sunday is one heck of a day…This da time for the downtrodden masses fu brok out. Hosanna to the highest! Bah, when the Pharisee religionists, bankers, lawyers, and politicians told the disciples and people to chill, Jesus said: “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

Troy G says stop praying for a philanthropist

On his Monday night show on Love FM, which he co-hosts with his buddy Darrell Carter, Troy Gabb dashed the hopes of one of the show’s callers who was championing the cause for reopening of the Commerce Bight Pier in Dangriga. According to Pomona, at the website stanncreek.weebly.com, the pier was made in 1908 and it has served mainly for the shipment of bananas and citrus. According to Pomona, the port was destroyed by Hurricane 4 in 1941, it was rebuilt and leased to Ports of Belize Ltd. in 2002, and in 2013 the port was closed.

Troy said he had heard the plugging for the pier, but the pluggers had failed to show what purpose the pier would serve if it was put back into use. Here’s the goods I have on Troy, before I tell you about another vicious blow he gave to the hopeful caller. The only port Troy seems to be backing is Port Coral. I’m a little off balance by that, because he’s an Ashcroft man, so the expectation was that he’d be backing Waterloo. Don’t worry, I’ll listen, I’ll read, and when I get more disclosure I just might be the first to tell you.

Now, to tell you how much interest Mr. Gabb has in Commerce Bight Pier, he drifted off into a speech about people who are praying for benefactors. Troy said there ain’t no philanthropists out deh. He said we are wasting our time if we believe that someone without hopes of making themselves materially richer will ride in to invest.

If ever there is a capitalists’ parade in Belize, Troy will be at the head, on a resuscitated horse named “Bring di Money”, in a suit and cap the color of Romaine.

Three points wanted, but not that way

In 2019 Belize lost three points to French Guiana when CONCACAF ordered we forfeit the points after our explanation about travel complications, plane scheduling and so forth didn’t satisfy them. All we have on that story is the side of our FFB.

Now, it is a very difficult situation our football team was in over in Haiti, but our call that we should get the three points, oh no, no self-respecting sportsman wants to win anything that way. Properly we should have asked the managing body to play the game on neutral grounds.

Not where I grew up

Aha, Ms. Elena Sheppard in a Yahoo story, “Barack Obama says pop culture teaches boys to ‘excel in sports and sexual conquest’”, says former US president, Barack Obama, a man with two lovely, of-age daughters, shared that masculinity in his world hadn’t changed much “since he was growing up.” Sheppard said Obama said that much of popular culture over there tells boys that the “defining thing about being a man, being masculine, is you excel in sports and sexual conquest.” Obama said that violence is in the mix too, and hopefully that is “subsumed in sports”, and also money, how much of that you can make.

I don’t know what percentage of Belizean males were brought up that “American pop culture” way, but it is for sure that a lot of young Belizean males, put me in the group, did not put “sexual conquest” on a pedestal with excellence/perseverance in sports or other “manly” activities such as chopping bush, paddling dory, and other hard labor to help bring in earnings for your family.

Let’s not get scattered. Very quickly, we were once full-blown animals, and we became a higher form of animal when we approached sex in a less animal way. All the other things about civilization are just trappings.

Before American pop culture penetrated and dominated our world, sexual conquest was not the measure for manhood for most Belizean males. That’s not to say Belizeans weren’t profligate; it’s to say being around did not make you a big man, at least not among men.
Men did what they did, and a whole lot of mischief was about, but in George Price and Philip Goldson days they didn’t talk about it, definitely not to their youth. In those days a young man did grow up trying to be a good guy. But American pop culture has infiltrated. One of these days those people will just put down the bomb, because who needs such weapons when you have total control of people’s minds.

Notes on Ravi, the rush, and what happens next:

The great Ravi Zacharias will not be center stage this Easter. My, so many people are hurting over his fall. I have to pay more attention to Louis Wade’s Plus television, and Richard Smith’s My Refuge radio, to see how they handled it. He was a staple on those stations for years. Ravi might not have sinned if he had read the, ehm-autobiography of the Mahatma. We all know the story, how the Mahatma thought he had conquered the flesh and he ducked into bed, between two of his teenaged nieces, ah, and sometime in the night soft flesh must have brushed against his, or he smelled some sweet perfume…and an embarrassed Mahatma shot up out of bed and ran like a rabbit being chased by hounds, to the river, the Ganges.

I say, I can’t imagine scripture running through the mind of the Pope if he were being massaged by a young woman. You should have read the Mahatma’s ehm-autobiography, Ravi. If you had you would have stayed away from the massage parlor. It’s just luck for you that your caving in to natural weakness came to light after you departed, but oh how your followers who insist on total purity are wounded by your failure.

It was a big surprise to me when I learned that there were dads who actually introduced their boys to shady night activities, but I knew that while some young guys were doing yard work and saving their money to pay for classes, or some other safe activities, some young colegas in the north were saving up to pay their way into certain nightclubs that had waitresses.

Before those young fellows, the ones in the north, are chastised, Alex Haley, in his book, Roots, said that young Kunta Kinte and his mates were initiated by unattached “not marriageable” women in their villages, and it is a way to keep young men from harassing young women away from the path that is straight and narrow.

These male parents, why the hurried introduction, what for the rush — when the boy finds out what a good thing it is he will be hooked, and if he’s moral he’ll spend the rest of his days, until ih dead, trying to stay on the right path, and if he is a vagabond he’ll end up in some reformatory trying to cure the addiction.

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