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Home Headline Two dead in RTA near Belmopan

Two dead in RTA near Belmopan

BELMOPAN, Sun. Nov. 21, 2021 — On Sunday, November 21, shortly before 11:00 a.m. on the outskirts of the city of Belmopan, near the intersection of the Hummingbird Highway and Mariposa Avenue, a red Honda Civic collided with a gray Toyota Forerunner, and two persons were fatally injured as a result.

It is believed that the collision caused the driver of the Toyota Forerunner to lose control of the vehicle, which landed in a nearby drain — causing severe injuries to the three occupants of the vehicle. When police arrived on the scene, they saw two extensively damaged vehicles, and upon inspecting the gray Forerunner that was lodged in the nearby drain, they saw the motionless body of a dark-complexioned man seated behind the steering wheel. Under the vehicle was the body of a partially crushed woman with extensive head injuries.

The occupants of the vehicle were identified as Elmer Avila, 40, a resident of Dangriga Town, and Kimberly Griffith, 51, a designer of 4th Avenue, Corozal Town. They were accompanied by Corozal resident and teacher, Jacqueline Martinez. Initial reports are indicating that the trio were en route to Dangriga when the Honda Civic, driven by a presumably intoxicated Armando Castrana, rammed into their vehicle. The occupants of the Toyota Forerunner were extracted from the vehicle and transported to the Western Regional Hospital. The assistance of the National Fire Services was necessary to remove Elmer Avila from the vehicle. He was pronounced dead on arrival by medical personnel at the hospital. As for Griffith, who was found under the Forerunner, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment but passed away moments later.

Police believe, at this point in their investigation, that alcohol was a factor in this recent incident. Witnesses who were on the scene reported that Castrana was highly intoxicated. As a result, Castrana has been detained by police officers and a sample of his body fluids was taken to ascertain whether the alcohol in his blood stream exceeded legal levels at the time of the collision. The police continue to investigate this road traffic incident.

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