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US blockade ends with only direct flight between El Salvador and Cuba

November 23, 2019 – Cubadebate–The suspension of direct flights between El Salvador and Cuba confirms that the US blockade against Cuba also affects third countries, diplomatic sources confirmed today. Avianca, a Colombian airline, was the only one that flew directly between San Salvador and Havana, but recently announced that as of January 15, it would suspend the route to avoid conflicts with the United States government. “This decision already negatively affects Salvadoran tourism, but also the Cuban community in El Salvador and their families,” diplomat Abel Bárzaga, from the island’s embassy in this country, told Prensa Latina. Bárzaga, in charge of Political and Diplomatic Affairs of the legation, said the measure taken by Avianca also spoils the version that the blockade is a bilateral issue between the US. and Cuba: “By interrupting the only direct flight between the two countries, there is a decline in Salvadoran tourism to Cuba, which was on the rise, but also complicates and makes family reunification trips more expensive,” Bárzaga explained. Now the variants are traveling through Copa Airlines, which requires a stopover in Panama, or Interjet, which demands a visa from Mexico, an extra requirement that can be cumbersome. Avianca suspended the sale of tickets to Cuba on October 31, alleging “a pending issue with the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of Treasury (OFAC).” Due to its financial problems, the Colombian company sold most of its shares to Synergy Aerospace, which constituted the BRW company in Delaware, USA, thereby submitting to US regulations. Cuba resisted six decades ago an economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States, which maintains it despite the wide international rejection of a policy described as obsolete, genocidal and violating human rights.

CLINTON CANUL LUNA: There is no doubt that the Condor Plan continues to operate. For many of us, we don’t know about that famous plan that has caused thousands, if not millions, of deaths, displacement of people, poverty, lack of food, poor health care, homelessness, since it was implemented. The Condor Plan means the following:

“The condor plan was a strategic organization of international scope during the years 1970 to 1980 in which mainly South American dictatorships that governed in Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay participated. These countries were organized in order to eradicate and persecute communism, opponents and establish neoliberal policies in South America. They were under the coordination, influence and financing of the United States and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). This plan arises under the idealization of Henry Kissinger, secretary of the presidency of the United States at that time, in the context of the struggle of capitalism against communism.

“Condor Plan Objectives

The main objective of this international coordination was to fight against communism in the region. As well as installing the new neoliberal policies, ending anyone who posed a threat to the liberal policies posed by the United States. All this making possible the exchange of information between the 6 countries of the South American dictatorship. Some of the clear objectives that the condor plan had were the following:

• Exchange of information received by the intelligence service.

• Eliminate the armed activity of communist guerrillas.

• Strengthen security forces to achieve greater reach throughout Latin America.

• Persecution, surveillance, detention and torture of those who are considered threats to the policies of the order established.

“Consequences of the condor plan

As the objective was to eradicate any opponent, the Condor Plan left many victims, among them thousands of politicians, militants from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, who died [after being] tortured. It is estimated that around 50,000 dead and more than 30,000 disappeared, [and it is believed] that many of them were transferred and detained in other countries, in addition to 400,000 people who were arrested. The atmosphere of tension in the affected countries was suffocating, as they had obsessive surveillance of public enemies and the entire population was repressed.” – Encyclopedia of History

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November 23, 2019
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