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VACCINES – Show us the science and give us a choice!

Editor Amandala
We have known for many years that eating fish with high levels of mercury is not safe since becoming involved in the impact of dams on those living downstream.  No one disputes the risk to children, pregnant women and those who are nursing as well as the general population. So why is there mercury in many vaccines given to us and our children, in the form of thimerisol, as well as other harmful additives such as aluminum and formaldehyde?

The pharmaceutical companies are continually pushing more and more vaccines in the United States and around the world because it is profitable, not because they are concerned with the health and safety of those getting the shots.

The U.S. which spends the most on healthcare and has one of the highest child vaccination rates in the world, has created the sickest child and young adult population in America’s history:  1 child in 6 is learning disabled; 1 in 9 has asthma; 1 in 10 diagnosed with a mental disorder; 1 in 13 severely allergic to food; 1 in 20 epileptic; 1 in 50 developing autism; 1 in 400 with diabetes and millions more struggling with other kinds of brain and immune system damage marked by chronic inflammation in the body.

We are not born all the same. Each one of us is born with different genes that affect how we respond to the environment we live in. We do not all respond the same way to infectious diseases – or to pharmaceutical products like vaccines – and doctors cannot predict which of us will be harmed.

This means that vaccine risks are not being borne equally by everyone in society. Why should the lives of those vulnerable to vaccine complications be valued any less than those vulnerable to complications of infections?

In 1986, the U.S. passed a law giving immunity to pharmaceutical companies for the harm done by vaccines. That means that people could not sue the makers of vaccines. The U.S. Supreme Court said that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and safer vaccines cannot be made.

Why would Belize want to follow this policy? Why are the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Belize Ministry of Health carrying out a campaign pushing vaccines but not giving information about the risks of vaccines?

Why is the U.S. military, also with the support of the Ministry of Health, in a program called “Beyond the Horizon 2017” providing medical services to Belizeans; many believe they are giving vaccines as they have done previously.  In the past, they gave vaccinations for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) that contained mercury after it was banned in the U.S.

Why should people not be free to raise questions about the risks of vaccines?  These are legitimate scientific and ethical questions that should not be ridiculed by government, medical organizations and members of the mainstream media demonizing a growing number of people who are wondering why they either have a child, or know a child, who was born healthy and then suddenly regressed physically, mentally and emotionally and joined the ranks of the walking wounded.

We cannot be silent as the biological integrity of another generation of children is destroyed in this bitter harvest that can only continue if we allow it to continue.  Ask what is in the vaccines!

We should all be saying, “Show us the science and give us a choice.”  We will not be silent. We will not go away.

There is no liberty more fundamental than the freedom to follow our conscience when choosing what we are willing to risk our life or our child’s life for.

George & Candy Gonzalez
Parents, Grandparents & Great Grandparents Concerned About All Children

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