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Wamule Basketball Finals, T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic 2014

DANGRIGA–The Wamule U-24 Basketball Tournament playoffs continued with Week 9 playoff games on Friday, November 7, and Saturday, November 8.

In game 1 on Friday, Hopkins Assassins won, 53-47, over Harlem Shockers. Top performers for Hopkins were Macario Augustine 10 pts 10 rebs 1 blk, and Lenon Cho 9 pts 1 reb 2 assts; while for the Shockers, Quinton Bowen had 23 pts 6 rebs 1 blk 3 stls in a losing effort. Game 2 saw Foreshore Pelicans eking out a 1 point victory, 47-46, over Benguche Flames.

Leading Pelicans were Brandon Flowers 16 pts 5 rebs 1 stl 2 blks, and Dayton Valencio 11 pts 1 reb 3 assts; while high man for the Flames was Omar Tesecum 16 pts 5 rebs 1 blk 1 asst.
On Saturday, in game 1, it was Ghans Starz, 71-57, over Southside Knights. Leading Ghans Starz were Trevaughn Usher 30 pts 6 rebs 2 assts 2 stls, and Daniel Nolberto 25 pts 3 rebs 5 assts 2 stls; while Southside was led by Deon Castillo 18 pts 8 rebs 1 blk. And in game 2, Hopkins Assassins squeezed out a 62-60 win over Foreshore Pelicans. For the Assassins, Hayden Casimiro had 12 pts 6 rebs 2 assts, and Macario Augustine 8 pts 11 rebs 2 blks; while Foreshore had Lesley Williams with 12 pts 6 rebs 3 assts 1 blk.

Week #10 (Championship Weekend) Wamule schedule:

Friday, November 14

6:30 p.m. – (Game 1) Over-45 Exhibition Basketball Game
8:30 p.m. – (Game 2) Southside Knights vs Hopkins Assassins ***Winner of this game will qualify for the Wamule Basketball Classic Finals. *** Loser of this game will receive 3rd Place.

Saturday, November 15

5:30 p.m. – Over-45 Exhibition Basketball Game
7:30 p.m. – (Championship Game) Ghans Starz vs Winner of Game 2 from Friday, Nov. 14

*Immediately after the Final Game will be the Award & Trophies Presentation.

*Note: Ghans Starz is the only remaining undefeated team in this year’s Wamule Basketball Classic.

Wamule Awards/Prizes

See Wamule Awards below:
1st Place – Team Trophy & Individual Trophies w/ $1000.00 Cash Prize.
2nd Place – Team Trophy & Individual Trophies
3rd Place – Team Trophy

Other individual & team awards will also be given out during the Trophy Presentation.

T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic

In conjunction with Garifuna Settlement Day Celebration 2014 in Dangriga, the Dangriga Amateur Cycling Association, along with the Cycling Federation of Belize, will be hosting the biggest Annual T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic to hit Dangriga ever in history this Sunday, November 16. This race, however, will be in three (3) categories.
First will be the Elite category, which will consist of Cross Country riders from all over the country of Belize. The race will start (and finish) in front of Wadani Shed on St. Vincent Street at 10:00 a.m. and head all the way on the Southern Highway to Placencia junction and back. 1st Place gets $500.00; 2nd Place $300.00; 3rd Place $200.00; and 4th Place $100.00.

The second category will be for the Weekend Warriors. This will consist of riders from BigB, FC Williams, Scotia Bank, Team Santino’s, Truckers Posse, Papa Brown, Cayo Rental, just to mention a few. This race will also start (and finish) in front of Wadani Shed at 10:03 a.m., that is 3 minutes behind the Cross Country riders, and head to Maya Centre and back. 1st Place $400.00; 2nd Place $300.00; 3rd Place $100.00; and 4th Place $50.00.

The third category will be the Masters & Amateur. This will consist of riders over 40 and amateur junior riders from all over the country of Belize. This race, once again, will start (and finish) in front of Wadani Shed at 10:06 a.m., that’s 3 minutes behind the Weekend Warriors, and also head to Maya Centre and back. 1st Place $400.00; 2nd Place $300.00; 3rd Place $100.00; and 4th Place $50.00.

Please note that for this T.V. Ramos Classic, Junior Cross Country riders from across the country of Belize WILL JOIN THE ELITE CROSS COUNTRY RIDERS IN THE FIRST CATEGORY TO PACENCIA JUNCTION AND BACK.

Registration for all cyclists taking part in this year’s T.V. Ramos Classic is only $10.00. For more information, riders from all categories can contact Mr. Moses Lopez at 625-4022 or email [email protected], or Mr. T. at 663-3210.

SSSSA Dangriga Zone Basketball Results

Here are some results, both female (F) and male (M), from the Stann Creek Secondary Schools Sports Association (SSSSA) Basketball Tournament 2014 for the Dangriga Zone.

On Monday, November 3, (F) Delille defeated Ecumenical, 23-16; and (M) Delille def. Ecumenical, 53-42.

On Wednesday, November 5, (F) Delille def. Ecumenical; and (M) Ecumenical def. ANRI, 66-15.

On Monday, November 10, (F) Ecumenical def. Dellile, 17-14; and (M) Delille def. ANRI, 33-18.

Games scheduled for Wednesday, November 12: (F) Ecumenical vs Delille; (M) Ecumenical vs ANRI.

Dangriga Over 40 Selection

Here are the names of the Dangriga Over 40 basketball selection, known as the Dangriga Kulture Vets. They are: Charles Wagner G/F, Claude Martin F, Byron “Shackles” Flowers F, Eaton “Cap” Noralez F, Jody “Blind” Noralez F, Skidmark Tingling G/F, Malcolm Zabaneh C, Peter “Conscious” Rivas G, and Vincent “Vino” Bernardez F.

This is the Dangriga Kulture Vets selection of players for the first game this Friday night against Belmopan Veterans at the Ecumenical basketball facility prior to the big Wamuley semifinal featuring Hopkins Assassins vs Southside Knights.

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