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Launch of Women in Art 2023

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Women’s Month: Sandra Gladden-Myvett

by Kristen Ku BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Mar. 16,...

We are considered a set of uncivilized, lazy people

FeaturesWe are considered a set of uncivilized, lazy people

In a closing ceremony of 3,000 university graduates composed of Maya, Africans, Chinese, Mestizo, Indians and those who were a mixture of them all, each one in their different professional capacities, all intellectuals of strong thinking minds, the question was asked over the microphone by the highest, wisest, unequalled mind of the land: “Where is your mother country?” They all shouted unanimously: “ENGLAND!!!” I was in a corner observing one of the 21st century mind-builders act. What I heard made me stunned, speechless. After recovering from such absurdity, I asked myself: how could those Maya, Black Africans, Chinese, Mestizos, Indians, etcetera, believe their mother country to be England? It is beyond my thinking capacity, my understanding. There are those that still consider the majority of us as uncivilized and a set of lazy people.

Those who think of us in that manner base their assumption on the Western doctrines. We have been bombarded with the European/US way of thinking for over five hundred years, and yet with all the historical and archeological evidence of the civilization of our autochthonous ancestors, it cannot enter the minds of many of those whose existence came from the clash of those civilizations during the barbarous conquest of the Americas. I am not an economist, but there is enough evidence that proves that the slave trade business had enriched many of the European nations, most of all Great Britain, which became a great empire in her days. The Second World War gave birth to the world’s new empire, that of the United States of America, designer of the Atlantic Charter which was introduced to the United Nations as the modern principles of a World Free Trade Market, better known as the NeoLiberal system. The inhumane, brutal Cold War was between the NeoLiberals and the Communist bloc. The NeoLiberals won, after so many assassinations, crimes against humanity, genocides against those who were crying out for social justice.

Today, there is enough food to feed the people of the world, but they prefer for starvation to prevail, while the Third World leaders prostitute themselves for some $$$ handouts from their masters. This is the modern way of dominating the developing nations with a labor force which receives meager wages except for the bourgeoisie and the bureaucracy. The International Labour Organization (ILO) is an instrument of the neoliberal economic policies that serve the interests of transnational companies. And when we go to the human rights system of the United Nations, it’s just a joke: everything is similar to 500 years B.C. The coming of Christ and the spiritual teachings that He left, were used to bring savage wars to dominate the people who were and still are the means of power for the winning group who became the most powerful capitalist organization. The lip service of the organization and others are a part of the neoliberal system. They are all blind to the fact that because of their selfish individualism, they serve the few, while the majority perish in their misery with hunger and illness. When we take a look at Belize, there is no difference, since it belongs to the same macabre, neoliberal system. Belize has never had a leader with what it takes to say, “Enough is enough; let us plan a system for the benefit of the masses.” Belize insists on going to the grand tourism industry. Tourism is a huge industry which requires all kinds of services: among the most common are prostitution, drugs, alcoholism, human trafficking, etc.

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March 5, 2023
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Launch of Women in Art 2023

Women’s Month: Sandra Gladden-Myvett

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