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We need to “big up” the good cops

Dear Editor,
On Saturday, May 23, after a long spell of not being able to do my weekly travel to Belize City because of the contingency, I had the pleasure of going back.

I noticed that some people still take the COVID-19 pandemic lightly. This thing is raging in the countries around us, and only by the Grace of God have we been spared until now.

But we cannot let our guard down; there still is no treatment or cure. Our best defenses are face masks, social distance and hand-washing. Methinks that the authorities should monitor closely the business places where the attendants to the public do not don their masks properly; this is highly noticeable in some places. If they are infected, they can spread this to a countless number of customers.

Compol Chester Williams does a pretty good job of leading, in my opinion. He’s typically firm, but fair.

I was pulled over by a trio of cops on my way back home — two males and a female. I must say I was handled pretty well, because after they requested that I lower all my windows and produce my driver’s permit, I noticed that I had left it at home after such a long period of not travelling.

But I had my border crossing card and my social security card, which they saw. After inquiring about my age, they told me nicely, “Sir, much respect to our senior citizens. Carry on.”

As a frequent traveler on our highways, I have been stopped before and informed that if the police cannot give you a ticket for a traffic infraction, they take you to the station.

So, I must big up, and thank those three police officers for having the decency of noticing that I am not a menace to society, and releasing me without a hitch. I could have had a long and costly keep-back if they had been inflexible.

We need more officers like that, who can use their discretion properly.

We must not only bash the police when they behave in a roguish manner, but also thank them when they behave nicely. It’s a pity I didn’t get their names or numbers to big them up properly.

Romel Cuello

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