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Weekend Warriors Series Race #5 results & Overall Standings

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Mar. 2, 2020– Here are the winners from yesterday’s last race of the 5-race Series. “A&B” went from Rockville Junction to Caves Branch Bridge then back to Armenia Village, for 40 miles; whilst the “C” riders rode the same route but started from Democracia Junction, for 30 miles. The race started at 9:00 a.m.

Race #5 top finishers were:

“A” riders: 1st Place – Vallan Symns (Kulture); 2nd Ken Gladden (Digicell); 3rd Marvin Hyde (unattached); 4th Romario Amaya (Valvoline); 5th Steven Robinson (Valvoline). “B” riders: 1st Place – Philip Burns (M&M Engineering); 2nd Charles Garay (BFSC); 3rd Gilroy Robinson (Furnished Apartments); 4th Simeon Gladden (unattached); 5th Mike Phillips (Furnished Apartments). “C” riders: 1st Place – Irfaan Nu’man (Digicell); 2nd Enrique Morales (Valvoline); 3rd Herwald Humes (Digicell); 4th Ingmar Perrera (BFSC); 5th Sydney Thurton (BFSC).

Overall Winners are as follows: A-Class: 1st Place – Vallan Symns (Kulture; 141 points); 2nd John Olivera (AKL Powerade; 113 pts); 3rd Warren Coye (Santino’s; 111 pts); 4th Wayne Moses (Kulture; 108 pts); 5th Steven Robinson (Valvoline; 105 pts). B-Class: 1st Place – Charles Garay (BFSC San Pedro; 137 pts); 2nd Isaiah Willacey (unattached; 124 pts); 3rd Nigel Matus (M&M Engineering; 110 pts); 4th Simeon Gladden (FT Williams; 106 pts); 5th Kenneth Butler (FT Williams; 99 pts). C-Class: 1st Place – Irfaan Nu’man (Digicell 4G; 148 pts); 2nd Enrique Morales (Valvoline; 134 pts); 3rd Jerome Wade (M&M Engineering; 127 pts); 4th Herwald Humes (Digicell 4G; 112 pts); 5th Manuel Esquiliano (Truckers; 109 pts).

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