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Why Pere had to throw out Julius

Well, well, a tidy sum from the courts for my area rep, Julius, but we can’t complain too much. He lost much of his salary, a pretty tidy salary by most of our yardsticks. Hey, we have to pay our leaders okay because we want no blinkin excuses from them. That salary recompense was deserved, and as for that other part, where he was dragged out, that wasn’t right; we owe for that too.

Thank God all politicians have lizard skin, though their bones are as brittle as those of mere mortals. Julius got so angry that he broke his hand punching a wall, da soh I yer story, and that, ehm, physical expression diverts me to another political leader who got so angry he kicked a door. Lucky for that one, he had on footwear, pretty sturdy ones too, for we didn’t see or hear of him on crutches. My, we have to believe that woman really got under that poor man’s collar, and I must point out that he never touched the girl. May all men who need to vent, assault walls!

Now to Pere’s costly…defense of his job. I had to act as the manager/coach of Camalote’s football club for a couple or three years, and in my first talk with the players I told them, “one, a number of you won’t like me, and two, the only man who takes a red card on this club—is me”.

I can’t think of anything Julius said in the House, or any aspect of how he said what he said, that was out of line. Whoa, just for the young, don’t let anybody tell you that the way things are said has no import. Sparrow sang: it ain’t what yu do, it’s how yu du it. Poor bad boy Pere, he took a job to defend a bunch that had gone rampant corrupt, a gang of PUP in red suits, if you ask me, and he had to try and protect them from exposure. Ah, and we in Cayo South sent Julius to the House to get things done if ih party win, an if ih party lose, to expose di bohgaz!

Poor Pere was embarrassed, because Julius wasn’t allowing him to protect the Barrow gang, and when Julius refused to give him a pass to do what he was being paid for, bam— the collision. We know the rest of the story. George Price’s perennial detractor Sedi stepped up to save Pere from being totally punked, or from having to get off his seat and step down the aisle and duke it out with Julius. Next thing, after the Sedi intervention, we heard “whee” from a policeman’s whistle.

Only women can say what comes to their mouths

A few weeks ago I watched videoed interactions between some young men and the police, and I was stunned when I saw some of them opening their mouths in a way that suggested they were mouthing off our folk in uniform. If ever a young man opens his mouth around the police it should be to ask “how high?” to the command, “jump!”

Let’s say it again: men are different from women. They, they can say all they want when they are addressing each other; and when they are addressing men, the only ones they need fear might react physically are those few who are heinous. We have heard women say, ‘no one can shut me up, my mouth da fu me’, and they are right. No man should make that mistake. In our world, words are physical blows. When men talk back to men, or to the police, no good can come of it.

It’s the crime

My, some are still fighting the 11th… it’s a daam pity that this amendment hadn’t come up before the 2020 general elections. To all those who are hollering that such a law would take away the virtue of a second chance in this world of sinners, I say that you’re napping on the base. Some people seem to put no value on the prize of freedom. Ah, respect, we should all want that, and love, most of us crave that and can’t live without it, but long before those comes freedom. Don’t sneeze on it!

Briefly, in the case of Mr. Barrow, he got his freedom! He should never say he paid for his crime, because some crimes you can never pay for. If he wants respect, what he needs to do is write/collaborate on some decent lyrics and use his blessed voice to try and make up for words sung before. For the good of society, we must celebrate voices that uplift, and frown on voices that appeal to our basest nature.

Wa, what’s this about a representative in the US government who wants a hip hop day? Either his funding comes from that group, or he was producing that kind of music when he was young and, instead of doing penance, he wants justification. It’s not impossible that he had decent lyrics. Bah, the part of the genre that was totally violent and slek came to the fore; coarseness is always first to the top because of our animal nature. Maybe there is virtue, and we missed it.

We are all sinners, but we shouldn’t glorify our failures, because it quadruples the sin. That’s how I felt about it, and I’ve been putting my thoughts on paper about that since I picked up a pen.

The anti-11th amendment bunch have a romantic story about individual human rights, and the rights of people to choose who they want to lead them. We have to be real in this world. In a democracy without an 11th, regular folk are at the mercy of the unscrupulous rich, some of whom are out to subvert, out to make a mockery of the system. Money figures in elections!

A poor rehabilitated fellow doesn’t stand a chance at the polls, but types like a “Dudus” Coke in Jamaica and an Escobar in Colombia would have a direct line to formal power if there weren’t restrictions in the elections process.

The 11th is about the people shielding themselves from various types of skullduggery and embarrassment. Indeed, there are lobbies in the US to give a chance to people who have served time, but not for violent crimes. It’s only for those who have spent time for petty drug dealing, and such misdemeanors. 11th type laws that rule out bankrupts might need a look too. There’s a plus side there: saving the people from a representative who can’t manage a private business is protecting the people’s money.

Whoa, what are so many people crying about? In this elections game we are looking for people of the caliber of Mia. A smooth voice is for song. Are we the crow that dropped the nice hunk of cheese because the fox put honey on his tongue?

Defeating dengue fever

There’s a story out that the Bill Gates Foundation has made some major steps toward putting the cramp on dengue mosquito, and if that is so, I hope all that man’s many detractors will do an about turn. This story that Gates is out to reduce the world’s population, that his people are behind an “invention” called Covid-19 and they have enlisted our grand champion WHO, the WHO that helped save us from many diseases, to wipe us out, bah, that’s baloney.

Be real, these people who are big on population control, their high-caliber weapons are birth control devices, and relentless bombardment on television shows. Families with many children no longer make it to the screen. No one writes any books like Cheaper by the Dozen anymore. And homosexuals, the anti- populators, are now heroes.

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