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PWLB officially launched

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Albert Vaughan, new City Administrator

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Will Bauer Flats!

FeaturesWill Bauer Flats!

Friday, February 16, 2024

About 10 years ago on the Late Show with David Letterman, his guest was Michael Keaton, the best Batman ever, in my opinion. Keaton invited Letterman to come with him to Belize to do some fly fishing, explaining to him that Belize had some of the best fly fishing in the world because of the abundance of the elusive bony fish and Bonito. I felt so proud of Belize that night and couldn’t stop boasting to everyone I knew about this interview. Michael Keaton could always be seen dining at the Blue Water Grill in San Pedro while on his fishing trips, along with other celebrities and avid fly fishermen. I’m wondering how he would feel, and also all those who come to Belize to experience that special joy, that warmth of the Belizean people, and the distance from the glare of celebrity life, if they knew what was being planned for that piece of paradise and solitude and respite!

If you consider yourself an environmentalist you would have to be appalled at the images of dredging, or rather the preparation for dredging around the Flats! The Flats should belong to the people of Belize, not in the hands of any private investor, Belizean or foreign, period! Apart from its economic value to tourism and to those guides who make their living fly fishing in that area, it is also a part of our national heritage, and should be treated as such. It is a form of rape to dredge in this pristine area; a form of rape, and for what? To profit a few to the detriment of the Belizean people? Haven’t we given away enough of our beautiful homeland already? When does common sense prevail over greed? No, man! This cannot be what our future holds for us.

I am an environmentalist. I believe in protecting our planet, our country, our communities from the ravages of climate change, from overdevelopment by people who see these precious plots as a gold mine, and not as a source of pride and joy and economic prosperity for the Belizean people. The most insulting aspect of this whole fiasco is the “Do not trespass!” sign. Wtf? Wtf? What’s the difference between this and the Guats challenging us on the Sarstoon?

I don’t know what deals were made regarding this area, but whoever gave these investors the idea or the green light to dredge and develop this area has to rescind that terrible decision! The government has to step in and protect our small businesses trying to make a living off this, one of nature’s generous gifts to the people of Belize! When Vulcan came in and tried to destroy our beautiful Stann Creek District, we said “no”! I was never so proud of our government. Do the same here, and not risk losing more of our natural resources to speculation and the further destruction of our fragile ecosystem!

This current government boasts of its environmental record, at home and abroad, and they have mostly shown respect for our heritage; but now, as the Bard wrote in his play Henry V, “Show us here the mettle of your pasture!”

Eco friendly lodge and dredging do not compute!


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PWLB officially launched

Albert Vaughan, new City Administrator

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