Letters — 30 March 2019
The world will not accept an invasion of Belize

Dear Editor,

The United Nations has decreed that “no country’s borders shall be altered by war” and “a people have a right to self-determination”.

Guatemala knows this and realizes that the world will not accept an invasion of Belize. The only way for Guatemala to get a piece of Belize is through the ICJ, and our leaders look like they wish to help in this matter. The tables have turned and now the ICJ is better for Guatemala than for us.

The bullying in the Sarstoon only started under this president, and we can wait until he retires, or we can wait until someone humanitarian comes along. We have waited a hundred years, we can wait another hundred. We still have our country; one half of the Sarstoon still belongs to Belize.

If we go to the ICJ and are ordered to give up a piece of our country, then it is forever. The Commonwealth of Nations has stated that they will not abandon us, even if we vote “No”.

Our leaders need to rally other countries to our cause. When someone bullies you, you rally your relatives and friends to come to your aid. We did it for our independence; why can’t we do it again?

When you step into the ring, or on the football field, or in a court of law, anything can happen. Like the old saying, “Any number can play”.

May The Good Lord keep and save Belize.

Romel Cuello

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