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WW New Year’s Race results

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Jan. 9, 2017 – – Below are the official results from the Weekend Warriors (WW) New Year’s Race held yesterday, Sunday, January 8. Starting at 9:10 a.m., the “A/B” went from Mile 40 on the Philip Goldson Highway towards the Boom Road junction, then took a right, then a left at the George Price Highway, then a left again at the Chetumal Street junction, then a right back again onto the Philip Goldson Highway, then made their way down to the NAPA roundabout, then back up to finish at the M&M Engineering Compound, for 54 miles. 47 riders started the “A/B” race, with 37 finishing.

The “C” class went from Crooked Tree junction and did the same route, starting at 9:15 a.m. 13 of the 14 “C” class starters managed to complete the journey.

Finishing order for the “A/B” was: 1st place – Kent Gabourel (Kulture Megabytes, 2:08:40); 2nd Ryan Willoughby (Valvoline, 1st “B: rider, 2:09:26); 3rd Santi Castillo (Santino’s, 2nd “B” rider, st); 4th Sean Duncan (Smart, 3rd “B” rider, st); 5th Nehru Gilharry (Santino’s, 4th “B” rider, st); 6th Warren Coye (Santinos, st); 7th Palas Joseph (Lampaz, st); 8th Vallan Symns (Kulture Megabytes, st); 9th Dean Belisle (Bel-Cal, st); 10th Clarence Tescum (Santino’s, 5th “B” rider); 11th Robert Mariano (Digicell-4G, st); 12th Kenroy Gladden (Kulture Megabytes, st); 13th Gilberto Acosta (Spinnaz, st); 14th Francis Cassasola (Santino’s, st); 15th Fred Sutherland (Bel-Cal, st); 16th Andrew Vasquez (BFSC-El Pescador, st); 17th Stephen Bisset (Lampaz, st); 18th Windell Williams (Smart, st); 19th Isaiah Willacey (FT Williams, st); 20th Jack Sutherland (Digicell-4G, st); 21st Darwin Lodge (Lampaz, st); 22nd Derrick Smith (BFSC-El Pescador, st); 23rd Kenny Gooding (FT Williams, st); 24th Alvin Card (Lampaz, st); 25th Dwight Lopez (Bel-Cal, st); 26th Joe McKoy (Santino’s, st); 27th Charles Garoy (BFSC-El Pescador, st); 28th Willie Chan (Valvoline, st); 29th Colin Maheia (FT Williams); 30th Ian Abraham (Smart); 31st Ruthford Cunningham (Spinnaz); 32nd Mark Lisbey (FT Williams); 33rd Marlon Swift (FT Williams); 34th Mark Reid (Santino’s); 35th Santiago Cus (Smart); 36th Gilford Perez (Digicell-4G); and 37th George Lovell, Sr. (Digicell-4G).

For the “C” class finishers: 1st place – Edward Blank (BFSC-El Pescador, 2:09:00); 2nd Lisa Berger (BFSC-El Pescador, 2:10:11); 3rd Steve Gill (Smart, st); 4th Frank Moody (Digicell-4G, st); 5th Alejandro Morales (Valvoline, st); 6th Andrew Bennett (2:13:44); 7th Judith Williamson (Smart, st); 8th Enrique Morales (Valvoline, st); 9th Ivan Ayuso (Digicell-4G, st); 10th Michael Wagner (Valvoline, 2:20:44); 11th Siyah Swasey (BFSC-El Pescador, 2:21:49); 12th Alphonso Morales (Valvoline, 2:24:03); and 13th Ingmar Perrera (BFSC-El Pescador).

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