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Thank you, Brother Colin Hyde

Thank you, Brother Colin Hyde, for giving this, your humble servant, a space in several of your articles. I appreciate it very much. It has been a long time since we had our debates on said Battle of St. George’s Caye. Nevertheless, up to now, no one has brought forth tangible evidence of such event. So, as you may know, in a court of justice, if there is no evidence to validate a case, it is dismissed by the judge.

However, the colonial apologists of 1898 knew absolutely nothing of an Emancipation Day. They lobbied for a day to glorify the British Baymen’s Clan and their bastard sons. No hard feelings, Brother. I am not saying this with any intention of hurting anyone’s sensitivity, but according to the Church, all children that are born out of a church marriage were considered as bastards. I believe that we would really want to see unity among our people, but I think it is impossible, since the same constitution of this country gives space for corruption, discrimination, inequality, etc., since according to the following:

In 1797, 2,114 slaves and masters were brought from the Mosquito Coast and were established at the Settlement of the Bay of Honduras. I assume that whom you are referring to, when you stated in your historical account that the African slaves and their masters fought shoulder to shoulder, could have been the Mosquito Indian mulattos, since it is well-documented that they were loyal to their British masters. At the same time, we have information that during the period of the so-called battle, the African slaves were fleeing to Yucatan because of the ill-treatment that was given to them by the British Baymen Clan.

In 1819, when slaves had no rights, the masters at the time decided to create an emblem featuring two black men on it. You speak of 50 years of unity, and the reason could be that you know very little of the history of my ancestors, the Maya. Independently from the uprising and defending of our Maya land by my ancestors, there is also the case which I have mentioned in my previous article that was published in the Amandala under the heading, “Que Viva Marcus Canul”, whereby I highlighted the event that took place with my Maya sisters and brothers in 1936 when the manager of BEC destroyed their milpas and villages and they were taken to a potrero, which is a horse stable.

With all humbleness and without any intention of expecting a reward, I believe I have complied with one of my missions, and that was to create the awakening of our northern Maya people to recognize our martyr, General Marcus Canul. Yes, we are Canulistas — hasta la muerte.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to end this little missive without mentioning what I saw in my crystal ball. It so happens that over a century ago the Creole elite apologists created their 10th of September as a day to glorify their existence in this little piece of land that was given to you, according to your words, by God. And it so happens that with the passing of time it seems as if you cannot find a beautiful, intelligent Creole young lady, and all that goes with it, to become the national Queen of the Bay for the 10th of September, the day that was established for the sons of the Baymen’s Clan.

Now, it so happens that apart from your birthright that has been sold out and the rest of the most pristine lands and waters of your country, you gave away the little you have/had into the hands of the judges of the International Court of Justice for them to decide what corresponds to Guatemala and what does not. At the same time, you are using a Mestiza queen for the day that you glorify, which is the maximum for your history of this country, and who knows if that Mestiza is of Guatemalan descent? Have you thought of that, my dear beloved Brother Colin Hyde?

[email protected]
September 6, 2019
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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