Crime — 14 June 2013

The “weedist” walked into the hands of policemen on mobile patrol

San Ignacio police have labeled a bag containing 265 grams of marijuana as an exhibit, to be used as evidence against a man who was found with the drug and was arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

Police say that about 2:15 a.m. Saturday, June 8, on Santa Cruz Road in Santa Elena, Cayo, while they were on mobile patrol, they saw a man of Hispanic descent dressed in a white T- shirt walking down the road. The officers reported that upon seeing the police vehicle, the man threw a black plastic bag into the bushes to the side of the road and continued walking towards the vehicle.

Police immediately stopped him and took him back to the area where he threw the bag, and retrieved it. They said that in his presence, they opened the bag and found that ganja was in it.

The man was immediately arrested and taken to the San Ignacio Police Station, along with the suspected ganja, where it was weighed and found to total 265 grams.

The suspect was charged with drug trafficking, and he will be taken to the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court tomorrow, Tuesday, to face the charges.

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