Crime — 18 July 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego
Still no arrest 5 years after vicious murder of ex-policeman

Five years after he was gunned down on Central American Boulevard, no one has yet been arrested and charged for the vicious murder of ex-policeman Clarence Raymond Leslie, 30, of Mahogany Street in Belize City, and his family is enraged.

Leslie’s mother, Dorita Moody, said that they will not rest easy until her son’s killers are arrested and made to pay for the merciless death of her son.

Police said that at about 10:00 Friday night, July 3, 2009, Leslie, a veteran police constable of 7 years who was attached to the Patrol Branch in Belize City and to the San Pedro Formation before resigning, was going to Li Chee on Freetown Road to buy food.

Upon Leslie’s arrival in front of BD Laundromat and grocery on Central American Boulevard, two men rode up on bicycles from behind, from the direction of Mahogany Street, and turned left into Central American Boulevard, in the same direction that Leslie was riding, which is towards Belcan Bridge.

When they caught up with Leslie, they flanked Leslie – with one rider on his left side and another on his right, ensuring that he could not get away, and one of them shot him in the face and chest.

Leslie fell and died almost immediately. The two men then rode up into St. Jude Street and disappeared into the surrounding area.

Police had detained two men, but they were released due to insufficient evidence.

Leslie’s still-grieving mother, Moody, told Amandala that while many mothers have been in her position, she had no idea how painful her son’s death would be, especially because Leslie was not known to have enemies and was never cited for misconduct of any kind.

Leslie was Moody’s eldest son, and he was the father of three children.

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