Crime — 18 July 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

The security guard for a Belikin delivery truck was held up at gunpoint by three masked robbers at about 10:30 this morning at a Chinese store at the corner of Peter Seco and Oleander Streets.

As the delivery truck slowed to a stop in front of the store and the men got out and were about to deliver the products, three men approached – two of whom were armed. One of the gunmen pointed a gun at the security guard while another pointed his gun at the other two delivery men. The Belikin truck personnel were all ordered to lie down on the road.

A bystander told Amandala that the security guard who was made to lie down on the road was lying under the truck, and he was hauled out and hit in the head with a gun, and his gun was taken away.

The bandit then put his fingers through the trigger guard, the bystander said, and began to twirl the gun, the way it is done in movies. The three robbers then ran away.

Witnesses to the robbery quickly called police, who responded quickly.

Police who responded to the robbery report captured one of the robbers whom they saw running away from the area. A search of the area resulted in the discovery of a 32mm pistol and 5 live rounds.

Police are searching for the other two culprits.

The store owner and the three Belikin employees were not hurt.

Sgt. Ishmael Westby said that some men have been detained as a part of their investigation.

The security guard works for Fort Point Security. The presence of the security guard was part of new measures taken by the company to secure the delivery of its products and to protect the employees as they carry out their deliveries to the different locations.

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