Crime — 21 March 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego
Burglary at Biscayne Primary School

The loss of the computers will seriously impact the teachers and the school

Students and staff of the Biscayne Primary School have been deprived of much-needed equipment for the smooth running of the school after thieves burglarized the school and got away with 4 desk computers and other electronic equipment totaling about $7,000 in value.

The break-in was discovered yesterday morning when teachers reported to work and found that the classroom in which the computers were kept had been broken into via the door.

The teachers reported that they had locked the classrooms Monday evening at the conclusion of the school day.

A teacher reported that yesterday morning while going to school aboard the bus, he could see that the door to the room where the computers were kept was damaged and open. He later discovered that beside the laptop computers, the stereo set and the projector were also missing. The missing laptops are 3 Dell computers and one Lenovo. The loss of the computers will significantly impact the teachers and the school.

So far, the thieves have not been caught, nor the stolen items recovered.

The police remind the public that it is an offense to be found with stolen goods in your possession. Police are seeking public assistance to recover the items. Anyone who has information that can lead to their recovery is urged to contact Ladyville police or the nearest police station, or call 0800-922 TIPS.

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