Crime — 23 July 2013 — by Rochelle Gillett
Denfield Lemmott sentenced to 5 years for theft of woman’s purse

Lemmot took police to where the purse was hidden by Holy Redeemer Primary School

Tonight, Denfield Lemmott is spending the first night of a five-year prison sentence which was handed down to him this afternoon by Magistrate Dale Cayetano.

Lemmott was charged with theft and handling stolen goods after police investigated a report made by Lavern Staine, an employee of the Supreme Court.

Staine reported that on Friday, Lemmott visited her office at the Supreme Court and stole her brown purse, which contained over $1,350 in different currencies.

After investigating the matter, police apprehended Lemmott, who, after being questioned by police, reportedly told them “I think I wah kerr yoh weh I throw di purse.”

Police say Lemmott then directed them to the Holy Redeemer Primary School, where he stuck his hand into a PVC pipe and retrieved the purse, which only contained $350 in pesos. According to Lemmott, he had put the purse there after it was given to him by an unknown person.

When Lemmott appeared in court today he said that he didn’t take police to get any purse, but instead he was taken on a “joy ride” by them, and that the purse was given to them by a teacher.

Lemmott had 12 previous convictions for crimes including burglary, handling stolen goods, robbery, aggravated assault and drug possession. He was sentenced to 5 years for this crime after the facts of the case were read to the court.

It is noteworthy that Lemmott’s left arm was in a sling when he appeared in court today. He said police assaulted him when he was taken on the “joy ride”.

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