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Fabers Road resident reports police brutality and harassment

CrimeFabers Road resident reports police brutality and harassment

Today, Amandala spoke with Marie Lewis, a Justice of the Peace and longtime resident of Fabers Road, who reported to us that her relatives at #40 Fabers Road have been unduly harassed and/or roughed up by the police, specifically the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), on several occasions.

The latest incident took place last Thursday evening, July 25, when GSU officers reportedly stormed into the family yard where members of the family were socializing and proceeded to carry out a search on everyone present at the time.

While conducting their search, the officers allegedly threatened and abused some of the young men in in the presence of the rest of their family, who helplessly witnessed the ordeal. Lewis told us that she is outraged at the behavior of the GSU because the harassment has now become much too frequent, and in her opinion, it does not make sense for the police to act in that manner.

Readers may recall that her grandson, 8-year-old Marquis Mahler, was senselessly killed in July of 2010 and then her son, Mark Lewis, 38 at the time, was ruthlessly executed in February of 2012.

The mere fact that this hardworking 71-year-old grandmother has not received any sort of closure for these two deaths already has taken a toll on her daily life, and now she feels even more hurt because the rest of her family is being subjected to harassment and abuse by the very same authorities who are supposed to protect the citizenry from such occurrences.

Lewis explained that she is at a loss as to what she should do to ensure the wellbeing of the rest of her family members, which originally consisted of 44 grandchildren, 13 children and 13 great-grandchildren, now that they are being continually harassed at their own residence.

She also wants to know the status of the investigations into the deaths of her son and grandson, since no one has been charged for the murders. Lewis hopes to meet with the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, in order to get some sort of resolution for these issues.

Amandala could not reach GSU commander Marco Vidal for his response to the accusations regarding his officers.

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